Welcome to The Neon Tea Party!

tntp shoot at alice’s tea cup, summer 2009

My beloved readers,

Before I begin a sentimental rant filling you in on how excited I am to bring this blog to life and all the fun things I have in store for you, I want to thank you from the depths of my soul for being one of the very first to be here. It is a direct result of your encouragement, enthusiasm and love that I have even a smidgen of hope that this could be the beginning of something amazing for us all.

As many of you know, I started theneonteaparty.blogspot.com back in college as an outlet for all my fashion and lifestyle obsessions. If you stuck with the blog long enough, you saw it through many stages, including chronicles of my semester in Paris, a platform for my styling work, and some half-decent trend round-ups.

When I finally landed my dream job producing all editorial content for Charm & Chain, I put my blog to rest believing that I would feel satisfied by channeling all my creative energy into my new, exciting role. While my creative juices were certainly being put to good use, I missed having a platform to express my personal aesthetic. What form this platform would take changed in my mind on a monthly basis. At one point it was a jewelry line, at another it was pillows, until ultimately I came back to what I started in the first place, something that could incorporate all the things that I love: a blog.

Nowadays, blogs have a different connotation than they did when I first started mine, which is that “everyone has one,” “they’re all essentially the same,” and “no one actually reads them, they just look at Instagram.” While those sentiments definitely hold water in many cases, I truly believe in the power of good content. Content that still engages at high levels when presented and marketed in an exciting yet natural way.

That said, right now this blog is a teeny tiny fish in a giant ocean of content, and this fish will definitely need some time to grow. With that in mind, I have some other cool ideas brewing on how to further engage you and future TNTP readers with the brand, including DIY parties in New York City (think: wine and paint nights but with better cocktails and much cooler crafts) and maybe even an Etsy shop filled with colorful, eclectic goods to add a little TNTP flair into your own life.

In the meantime, stay tuned for loads of home decorating ideas, easy recipes, fun DIYs, style advice and collaborations galore, all with that neon tea party vibe you know and love.

Here’s to the start of something really freaking exciting !

peace, love & neon,


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