diy decorative yarn tassel

If I could, I would put a tassel on all of my things. (Would you judge me if I did?) Not only do they make everything infinitely cuter, they are also SO easy to DIY.

I’ve crafted a number of tassels in my day using a flimsy old sewing ruler as a measuring guide, until I discovered my new favorite tool from The Loome. This wooden tool makes crafting tassels a much neater process for me and easier than ever.

With gift giving season in our midst, I thought this would be the perfect time to show you how to make an adorable yarn tassel that you can use in place of a traditional bow.

Note that these instructions explain how to make your tassel using the Loome tool (which I recommend) or using a piece of sturdy cardboard.

Let’s go!





Trim 2 pieces of yarn approx. 12″ each and set aside.


Secure end of yarn from spool into notch in the Loome tool or cardboard piece.


Then, wrap the yarn around your chosen tool 45 rotations–not too tight but not too loose. You’re going to want the thread bundle to have a little wiggle room.


Secure the yarn back in the same notch and cut it off of the spool. Next, thread one of the 12″ pieces of yarn through the darning needle.


Feed the needle through the middle of the yarn loop. Bring thread to the top of the loop on the opposite side from where you secured the loose ends in the notch. Center the thread, pull the two strings close together to create a tight bundle and tie two strong knots to secure the bundle.


If you’re using the Loome tool: Tie your second 12″ string around the entire bundle, just below the same Loome prong where the first string is tied and secure with a double knot.

If you’re using cardboard: Gently pull the bundle off the cardboard and tie the string about 3/4″ from the top tied portion. Secure with a double knot.


Wrap the excess string around the knot to give the top of the tassel a finished look. Double knot to secure. Next, using the darning needle, feed the excess strings through the wrapped portion until they come out the other side, then trim to hide excess strings.


Cut through the center of the bottom loop to reveal tassel, trim to desired length, and voilá!


Use tassels to decorate all your holiday gifts or anything else your heart desires!



peace, love & neon,


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