the neon tea party home office reveal

When Sam and I first moved into our one-bedroom apartment on the border of Chelsea and Meatpacking, I took one look at the desk-sized space to the right of our stove and declared, “I’m going to start a business here.”

My IKEA desk, which over time has moved from the Upper West Side to New Jersey and back again to the city, just so happened to fit perfectly in this nook–so naturally I took this as a sign.

We’re coming up on two years in #casadegloob and I’m so stoked that I have FINALLY converted my pseudo-desk/food prep surface into a functional office desk. The design challenge was to make it look like a proper work space while still allowing for use as a cooking surface when needed.


The key to achieving the duel-functionality was picking everything off the surface of the table. Previously, I had an acrylic desk organizer that collected everything from coupons and guitar strings to sharpies and rubber bands. Not to mention crumbs. Lots and lots of crumbs. The crumbs also attacked the piles of paper that inevitably stacked up alongside the desk organizer. The moral of the story: paperwork + food = no bueno. The solution: a shiny rose gold floating basket that stores all those important papers ABOVE the table.


Next, I wanted a place for a pencil holder, push pin cup and all my inevitable tchotchkes. Solution: floating acrylic shelves! Props to my friend Avery who, upon inspecting my shelf purchases, suggested that I install one corner shelf plus one straight shelf. I’m absolutely in love with the result.


I also needed a better system for organizing documents and office supplies. Previously, I had a plastic file bin that totally did the trick for organizing files but was clunky and frankly made mustering the energy to file things away quite difficult. This file cart fits perfectly under my desk alongside the stack of plastic drawers that house my craft supplies. When I need to work at my desk, I just roll the filing cart out from under the desk and my feet have plenty of room. To conceal the drawers and give the surface a bit more flavor, I topped the desk with an indigo mudcloth.


If you caught my Instagram and/or story the other day, you saw me flipping out over Poppin’s neon desk accessories at The Container Store. Luckily, I was in the market for drawer storage and grabbed these three trays plus a pencil cup and business card holder. Aren’t they amazing?!


The finishing touch on the desk setup was the thing I was most excited for: my bulletin board aka MOOD BOARD!!! Mood boards are probably my most favorite creative project, so I was very excited to finally put one together for the neon tea party. Unsurprisingly, there are editorial images of neon pops, bracelet stacks, Mexican blankets, flower crowns, palm trees and LOTS of color, interspersed with a garland and ornaments I’ve collected over the years. The star of the mood board is my “you’re a gem” print from Verrier Handcrafted, one of my favorite local artists. Finally, to top off the whole shebang, I repurposed the tassel garland from my launch party and hung it above my bulletin board.




The best part about this whole thing? Starting a business in my little kitchen nook.


File cart // Hanging storage basket // Neon desk accessories // Bulletin board // Straight acrylic shelf // Corner acrylic shelf // Indigo mudcloth textile (similar) //  “You’re a gem” print // Tassel garland // “Rainbow Moment” mug // Gold pineapple dish + paper clips // Face dish // Rose gold candleholder (used as planter)

peace, love & neon,



  1. jessciar on December 14, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Loving the rose gold basket. Thinking I may need a trip to the container store soon!!

    • the neon tea party on December 14, 2016 at 12:13 pm

      Oh man they have such good things right now. You’ll end up buying way more than you anticipate! lol

  2. Mirelle on December 14, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    I love this so much!! Wanna transform mine when I get back?! So serious?

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