DIY patch beanie with petite rachelle

I’m SUPER excited to share today’s post with you! I teamed up with one of my favorite fellow blogger-babes, stylist Rachel Klein of Petite Rachelle, to DIY a patch covered beanie — which for us was really just an excuse to play catch up, drink tea and blast Hamilton while doing crafts. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

As long as you have an iron, this on-trend DIY could not be easier. Scroll through for basic instructions + helpful tips to getting your patch beanie just right, and check out Rachel’s post to see how she put her stylist’s touch on a beanie-centric look!



  • Wool beanie
  • Assorted patches (most of these are from this pack on Amazon)
  • Iron
  • Ironing board or towel
  • Sheet or light cloth



Step one: Plan out your patches. If you’re using a beanie with a tight knit like this one, place the patches closer together than how you want them to appear. Your beanie will stretch a bit when you wear it and the patches will spread out. Meanwhile, heat your iron on the “cotton” setting.


Step two: Cover the patches with the sheet or light cloth. Using round strokes, lightly iron over the patches for 30 seconds. Don’t press too hard, or you may stretch out the fabric. Check the patches to see if any areas didn’t stick and iron over those spots for an additional 30 seconds.


Step three: Turn the beanie inside out, cover it with the sheet and iron the back of the patches for thirty seconds using the same circular motion. Again, be sure to press lightly as to not stretch out the beanie. Be sure to do this for both to top of the hat and the brim.


And voilá — that’s it!




gratuitous selfie 😉

Don’t forget to check out how Rachel styled her beanie over on Petite Rachelle!

peace, love & neon,



  1. Elizabeth Savetsky on December 21, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    Obsessed with this. You’re amazing.

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