DIY Neon Tassel Wall Hanging

I am SO excited for this week’s post, which is my first in collaboration with Woman Shops World, the best online resource for globally sourced crafting supplies. With the nickname “Tassel HQ” it’s no surprise that I jumped at the opportunity to be one of their brand ambassadors, and I’m so grateful that Carter (the “Woman” behind Woman Shops World) agreed TNTP would be a fit!

Today’s DIY was inspired by my recent infatuation with wall hangings. While casa de gloob has many, many things on its walls (framed artwork, souvenirs from our friends’ travels, animal garlands, etc.) a fun wall hanging was not yet in the mix…until today.

Like all of my DIYs, this one is really simple to do. The steps can be summed up as follows: put tassels on strings, tie strings to branch, add hanging string to branch, decorate branch with yarn (optional), hang stick & enjoy. That’s basically it. Below are more detailed instructions to achieve the wall hanging exactly how I made it, but you can vary it up however you like: change up the length of the strings, opt for different color tassels, add beads, paint the stick — whatever appeals to you! Find more inspo for this project on my fun diy ideas board.

Also, so you can shop for tassels to your heart’s content, TNTP readers get an exclusive 10% off all Woman Shops World orders $100+ with code WSWNEON10. Go crazy!

Now, without further ado, let’s craft!




Step one: Lay out your tassels.

Go with whatever pattern you like! Try an evenly alternating pattern or maybe even an ombre. I went for a haphazard color-block situation. Here is also where you’ll decide what type of angle your hanging will have. Other ideas include straight across, on a diagonal, or an inverted V.

Be sure to lay out the tassels as accurately as possible, including distance from the branch, as the flat lay will be your guide for string length.


Step two: Trim the center tassel string.

If you’re doing a V (shown) or inverted V, you should start by attaching the center tassel. Once you’ve determined the length of the center tassel (mine is 18″), determine the length of string to cut by doubling that length and adding an extra 18″. (18″ x 2 + 18″ = 54″)


Step three: Attach tassel to string and secure with a knot.

Using your embroidery needle, carefully thread the string through the loop at the top of the tassel. Slide tassel to the middle of the string and secure with a knot.


Step four: Attach string to branch.

Make sure the length of the string from the knot is your intended measurement (in this case 18″) and secure with a double knot.


Step five: Repeat.

To get this graduated V, I decreased the string length about 1/2″ each time. Since the middle tassel hangs 18″ from the branch, the ones on either side hang 17.5″, and so on. To get the right string length, don’t forget the math: double the desired length and add 18″.


Step six: Trim & flip.

Once your tassels are all attached, trim off the excess string at the top. The photo above is the backside of the wall hanging. Flip the whole hanging so that the knots are now at the back of the branch and the tassels seem to magically float down from the branch.


Step seven: Attach the hanging string.

The hanging string should be doubled for extra support, so determine the length of the hanging string, double the length of the branch, and add a generous amount of slack to get the desired V shape from the hanging string.

To secure the string, find the middle of the string and wrap it around one side of the branch 3-4 times. Secure with a knot.


Repeat on the other side and trim excess string.


Step eight: Adorn your branch with colorful yarn!

To do this, simply wrap the yarn neatly and taught around the branch and secure in the back with a double knot. Trim excess yarn.


You can add additional colors by repeating the process and making sure the colors are snugly pushed together.


And voilà! How easy was that?! Hang your new creation in a prominent spot, be it above your couch, in a cozy nook, or above your bed.




peace, love & neon,


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