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There is nothing better than collaborating with friends on a fun creative project. I’m so fortunate to team up today with not one but TWO buds on a DIY and giveaway!

Kristina Reese, a friend-of-a-friend turned dear pal, is a badass yoga instructor based in Urbana, Illinois and an all-around special person. This girl radiates positivity while remaining completely down to earth and relatable.

Carter is the founder of Woman Shops World–the Etsy shop of which I’m a brand ambassador–whom I consider my tassel-loving kindred spirit. Her enthusiasm, genuine kindness, and impressive eye for colorful global treasures make her the best DIY partner I could ask for!

Today’s DIY is a super cool yoga mat strap crafted from embroidered neon sari trim from India. You can enter to win this very mat strap by following the easy-peasy directions here on my Instagram!

Now, before we get into the DIY, a quick note from yogi & mindfulness master Kristina on creating:

When you create, do you meditate? Repetitive movements such as beading, stitching, weaving etc. may seem simple, but can be incredibly transformative. These movements allow just enough space for the mind to soften away from the task at hand and attention to tune elsewhere, to encourage contemplation, impart intention or focus energy. For example, thinking positively while you create, taking a deep breath with each stitch or reciting a mantra—can make the process of creating even more powerful.

What’s especially great about meditative movement such as crafting, is that not only does it sooth the mind, but it brings with it a sense of satisfaction and joy in the finished product! From the time you put in, something new exists, and that the thoughts or intentions you may have focused on are infused in the creation so that when you enjoy the item (or gift it to someone else!) you’re passing along that energy too.

We hope you enjoy this easy-as-ever DIY, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway to make this yoga mat strap yours without the work!





all supplies to make mala available here

<< DIY Indian Trim Yoga Mat Strap >>




Step one:

Cut your trim into 3 pieces: 1 at 26″ (for shoulder strap) and 2 at 18″ (for straps to go around the mat). Set aside the long piece of trim for later.


Step two: 

Take the two shorter pieces of trim. We’re going to hem the ends of the straps to make a clean finish. Cut 4 pieces of iron-on fabric bonding adhesive to the width of your trim. Follow the instructions on the package to iron on and peel off the adhesive.




Next, fold a ~1/2″ hem and iron to seal. Repeat on both sides of the two short pieces of trim.



Step three: 

Cut a set of velcro strips to match the width of the trim. Following the iron-on velcro instructions, iron the stiffer piece of velcro to the very end of your trim.


Wrap trim around your yoga mat to figure out exactly where you need to place the velcro on the other side of your trim. Peel the back off the softer piece of velcro and stick onto the strap to close.



Open the velcro closure and, following the instructions on the package, iron on the soft velcro to seal. Repeat the process for the other strap.




Step four:

Place the longer piece of trim upside down and directly centered between the two pieces of velcro on the underneath side of both small straps. Remember, the soft piece of velcro may not necessarily be at the end of the strap, so be to sure to center the long strap based on where both pieces of velcro have been attached.


Use straight pins to keep the long strap in place. Overlap the long strap by about 1/2″.


Step five:

One side at a time, use the fabric adhesive tape to attach the long strap to the underside of each short strap. Follow instructions on the package to secure using your iron.


Step six:

Finish the strap by reinforcing the bond with stitches. Thread your needle and knot the thread at the end.


Sew over the stitching on the trim or simply sew near the bottom of the trim to keep the stitching discreet. You can also do this step on a sewing machine.




Finish this step by tieing a sturdy knot on the end. Repeat process on the other small strap.



And voilà! An easy-as-pie yoga mat strap crafted from your favorite trim. But before you go and make this at home, don’t forget you can enter to win this very strap by heading over to my Instagram!

Special thanks again to Kristina and Carter for collaborating on such a fun DIY!

peace, love and neon,


< photos by the neon tea party & @bareyoga >