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the neon nine: frida kahlo paraphernalia

Anyone who knows me well (or follows me on Instagram) knows I have a slight obsession with Frida Kahlo. (#FridaFriday, anyone?!) This fascination began in college while I was abroad in Europe. The first stop on my trip to Brussels was an exhibition on the Mexican artist that featured many of her most beloved works. I was immediately drawn to the passion in her paintings and heart-wrenching, autobiographical stories behind them (a traumatic bus accident, a miscarriage, a turbulent relationship).

Frida, a proud Mexican, also included nods to her heritage in her work, including traditional Mexican garb and native flaura and fauna–elements you know I’m all about. In short, she was a fearless artist with a moving story and a killer sense of style, to boot.

It’s for all these reasons I’ve come to collect Frida paraphernalia (or rather, my friends continue to gift items featuring her likeness). Below, some items you’ll find in my collection plus a smattering of other pieces I’d love to add.

top: tote bags // watercolor print // throw pillow  middle: illustrated autobiography // shadow box // sequin patch  bottom: embroidery // framed print // candle

peace, love & neon,


< photo by christina mulé >

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