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our wedding registry approach

With the wedding getting closer and closer (just over 4 months away!), I’m beginning to tackle my to-do list HARD. Once Sam and I squared away the big things (venue, caterer, band, officiant, etc.), we took a little time to focus on other things like work, but it’s become clear that we still have a lot to do in a relatively short timeframe.

I’d thought a lot about our wedding registry before even starting to look into it and I kept landing on the same thought: I don’t want to be confined by a finite number of retailers with a finite offering of tired products. I thought of possibly making a Pinterest board (as I do for EVERYTHING) linking to a smattering of cool products we love, but there would be no way to know if an item had been purchased.


moroccan wedding blanket from babasouk

When I finally sat down to tackle this project, I figured I’d register for a select few items from many different retailers we frequently shop at for home products: Anthropologie, CB2, Jonathan Adler, and Amazon. After a couple hours, I’d maxed out at about 15 products total from the four sites — not even enough (or enough of a price range) for one of my two bridal showers.

Upon making this realization, it felt like it was back to square one (aka Google). Thanks to a quick search about what the heck to register for, I came across, a site that allows to you add any product from any site to one master wedding registry. It also allows you to sync existing registries from other sites, so I didn’t have to double back and add the items from the four registries I’d already created. I literally feel like my prayers have been answered!


modern seder plate from jonathan adler

Now that we have a designated platform with endless possibilities, the question is what to put on it. There are a few factors to take into consideration based on our circumstances: 1. we’ve been living together for over two years and have what we need to get by, 2. we hardly have space for more stuff in our small NYC apartment, and 3. our next kitchen will likely be kosher, so we don’t necessarily want to break into new dishes and appliances until then. Luckily, our families have offered to store our gifts until that day, but since we don’t know when that will be, anything we store needs to be things we know we’ll love and use forever.

With ALL that said, here are the classifications of gifts we’re adding to our registry:

  1. High end appliances (Le Creuset dutch ovens, a Nespresso machine, good knives)
  2. Fabulous flatware (these and these are on our list!)
  3. Timelessly cool accent pieces (think Jonathan Adler and gorgeous global finds)
  4. Great glassware (I’ve been coveting these glasses for as long as I can remember)
  5. Art (if anyone can find Gray Malin’s black and white balloon llamas available somewhere, I’ll be forever in your debt!)
  6. Technology for home (a record player, speakers, and a DSLR camera, to name a few)
  7. Affordable accents we can use now (mostly quirky gifts from Anthro for friends on a budget)

Some things we may hold off on include dishes, pots and pans, random kitchen appliances, and linens. Without knowing where we’re going to live down the road, how much space we’ll have, what our home is going to look like, and what our tastes will be, some of these items don’t make sense for us right now.

For anyone who’s been through this process before, specifically those who’ve lived in cities during the registry process, I’d love to know your philosophy on the matter and what you’d have done differently. Feel free to leave your advice in the comments below!

peace, love & neon,


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