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affordable art

As struggling 20-somethings, many of us cannot event begin to think about investing in fine art. We have student loans to pay off, monthly rent, and let’s not even get started on wedding-related travel. But this doesn’t mean we don’t deserve some good looking stuff on our walls!

Luckily, acquiring awesome art and supporting cool creatives doesn’t have to be a costly pursuit. There are a ton of artists out there who are producing their work in sizable batches, making it easy and affordable for collectors like us to get our hands on their goods. Some of my favorites affordable art includes the cheeky, glitter-covered work of NYC-based artist Ashleigh Verrier (her “May The Force Be With You” print hangs in the upper left hand corder of our gallery wall), the ever-stylish watercolor prints of The Aestate (their tassel-covered camel is also part of our collection), the punchy fluorescent prints of Banquet Atelier (I’ve been coveting this neon pink heart and this fun cactus for ages!), hand drawn masters Hartland Brooklyn (I’m a sucker for their greeting cards, and their prints are just as cool), and The Great Lakes Goods painted wooded wall hangings (it’s only a matter of time until this peace sign comes into our lives). These are just a few of my favorites, but you can discover your own by checking out local boutiques and art fairs, and, of course, poking around Instagram.

Pro tip: When you buying art at art fairs, oftentimes you’ll have the chance to meet the the artists themselves, making purchasing their art that much more meaningful.


our mini gallery wall in the kitchen, made up mostly of international gifts

Next stop: Etsy. I mean, discovering awesome (and generally affordable) art is what the platform is all about, right?! With a seeming endless catalogue of decorative items, you’re sure to find something you love featuring almost any subject under the sun. Watercolor cacti? You’ve got it. Colorful abstract paintings? Coming right up. Spend enough time in the rabbit hole that is Etsy and you’re sure to come out with something you adore and can afford!

Have you all heard of Society6? I’ve sworn by this site for years and have purchased everything from my phone case to my shower curtain to a fun print as a wedding gift for my best friends. Artists create accounts on this community-style retail site through which they upload their work (mostly digital art and photography). Customers can then buy the art in all different forms including tote bags, mugs, computer decals, tshirts, and, of course, prints. Pricing on framed and unframed prints vary by artist and size, and frames come in a variety of colors and styles.

My final favorite place to find affordable art is in one’s own home. When curating our gallery wall, I dug through old photos, found post cards from my semester abroad in Europe, pulled out my high school art projects, and grabbed hangable doo-dads to add texture to the layout. Beyond bright colors, my decorating philosophy is based on compiling items that possess meaning and memories, and what better way to curate a heartfelt collection than by incorporating items that are already near and dear to you.


two of my most beloved pieces hang together in our bedroom

Now before I sign off, let’s quickly address the subject of framing. Notoriously an expensive endeavor, there are a few reasonable options out there. Framebridge is a web-based framing company that creates custom frames for a fraction of the price of traditional framer ($39-$189+). As a young upstart, Framebridge is tuned into the latest trends in art display and offers an array of fresh frame styles sure to suit your taste. This site is especially helpful when you have an unusually sized piece or want all of your frames to match.

And then there’s our reliable pal, Amazon. When searching for frame for our gallery wall, I was shocked to find that Amazon had options for basically every size frame I needed. The only downside is that you may not necessarily find frames that all match one another, but if you’re down with a haphazard look like I was, you should do just fine there. An honorable mention also goes out to Michael’s, whose stores offer rows and rows of frames in all different sizes and colors. I found many of my frames there as well.

And there you have it! A recipe for filling your home with meaningful art you both adore and can afford. I’d love to know where you like finding affordable art! Feel free to share in the comments below, and shop the story via the slideshow below. 🙂

Peace Sign Wall Charm by The Great Lakes Goods // Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud by Jenna Kutcher // Cactus Print by PRINTSPIRING // Wandermellow by Lisa Barbero // Marrakesh Camel Print by The Aestate // May the Force be With You by Verrier Handcrafted // Fluoro Heart Print by Banquet // Pastel Neon Optunia Cactus Screenprint by Banquet

peace, love & neon,



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