DIY Tassel Wrap Sandals

The magic that is my collab with CRAVE by CRV is the gift that keeps on giving. Last week, Carli showed you how to make an adorable pompom basket using tshirts, and today I’m coming to you with another DIY that is probably my easiest one yet!

I came up with the idea for this DIY when perusing my fave shoe designer Loeffler Randall’s site and nearly fell off my chair when I saw these. My absolute favorite style of sandal–that of the leather wrap variety–covered in all my favorite things: tassels! stars! pompoms! NEON!

leather tassel wrap sandals 6.jpg

Since I’ve already splurged on their similar Starla sandal, I simply couldn’t bring myself to drop $300 on this pair. That’s when I had the thought I always have when I see something I can’t afford: I’ll make it!

leather tassel wrap sandals 9.jpg

Insert CRAVE by CRV’s teeny shoe tassels. While most of their products are awesome finished items (jewelry! keychains! bags!), these little guys are sold loose in over 20 different colors. (The crafter in me couldn’t resist!) Add them to the laces of your sneakers, string them on a necklace to create a style all your own, or do what I did and make a pair of funky fiesta sandals that are sure to turn heads all summer long.

leather tassel wrap sandals 2.jpg

The best part? Carli, our lovely photographer Christina, and I are giving away a set of teeny shoe tassels in the same colors featured here in this very DIY. AND because we love you oh so very much, we’re also throwing in the pink and orange tassel ear jackets I’m wearing. BOOM! (I hope you’re as excited as we are!!) Head to my Instagram for easy-as-pie entry details.

Now that that’s all squared away, let’s DIY!

leather tassel wrap sandals 10.JPG


  • These Madewell sandals (or a similar pair with equally skinny laces, in which case you may not need this tutorial at all!)
  • Teeny shoe tassels
  • Scissors
  • Strong thread to match the sandals
  • Sharp, thin sewing needle

leather tassel wrap sandals 13.JPG

Step one: Snip the tassels off the ends of the laces, leaving a little nub of leather on the tassel to sew it back together.

leather tassel wrap sandals 15

Step two: Thread the tassels onto the sandals in a pattern of your choice.

leather tassel wrap sandals 14.JPG

Step three: Sew the snipped off tassels back onto the lace, and voilà! Told you this was the easiest DIY ever. 🙂


leather tassel wrap sandals 3.jpg

peace, love & neon,


< photos by christina mulé & the neon tea party >