DIY Embellished Pom Pom & Tassel Straw Market Tote

Straw bags are, without a doubt, the “it” bag of the season. Seriously, I don’t know about you, but I keep finding myself reaching for one every time I’m about to head out the door. Whether I’m running errands or meeting up with friends, a straw bag just feels right for spring’s sunshine days.

I’ve long coveted this embellished version from global glam brand Muzungu Sisters, however with a price tag of nearly $400, I could never swing it. Luckily, Woman Shops World has almost all the supplies I needed to make a similarly stunning tote bag myself, namely this gorgeous tassel trim! To get the pompom-mirror flowers, I selected a rainbow of pompoms from WSW’s extensive color collection to go with the trim and found some 1″ craft mirrors on Amazon. Just add a straw tote, glue and thread, and we got ourselves a fun and funky tote bag to take us straight through to fall.

Ready to find out how to make this embellished tote yourself? Let’s get to it!


Pin the tassel trim onto the straw tote in an even V shape.  Be sure to wrap the trim over the top of the tote about 1/2 – 1 inch to give it a clean finish.

Starting at the bottom of the V, glue trim onto the bag. To secure the V in a clean way, glue the left side of the V directly to the bag, then fold the trim slightly so that it turn the V up. Glue the folded trim onto the already glued trim and secure it with a straight pin while it dries. Continue gluing the trim to the bag until you get to the top.

After you glue the trim over the top of the bag, trim off the last tassel to give the top of the trim a polished look.

Glue three 1 inch mirrors onto the face of the bag. Squeeze a generous amount of E6000 directly onto the mirror and press it down firmly onto the bag. Evenly space the mirrors when gluing them to the bag.

Trim the loops off of the pompoms and sew your pompoms onto your bag to create pompom-mirror flowers! Be sure to make a thick knot in the thread so the thread doesn’t pull through the straw. Don’t be shy to go right through straw when sewing–it’s quite strong!

Secure the pompom by knotting the thread back through the original knot, creating a loop. Repeat five more times around the mirror until you get a beautiful flower.

Make two more pompom-mirror flowers and voilà! A stylish tote for all you errand running and beach going needs!

peace, love & neon,


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