3 Ways to Style a Moroccan Wedding Blanket

Funky fringe, twinkling metallic sequins, handcrafted details–what’s not to love about Moroccan wedding blankets?! Handiras, as they’re traditionally known, have become an incredibly popular decorative element in modern homes.

But before we bohemian decor enthusiasts began adorning our rooms with them, handiras were indeed made for weddings. Berber weddings to be exact.

According to my research, for months leading up to a wedding, a Berber bride and the female members of her family will craft this type of blanket for the bride to drape over herself on her wedding day, as she and her new husband ride through the cold mountains to her husband’s family’s home where they will live. The blanket has both a practical and decorative use, as it is certainly warm and certainly beautiful, befitting a new bride.

With my own nuptials on the horizon (and my insatiable love of global textiles), a fantastic handira was destined to be on our wedding registry. When I came across this blanket covered in neon fringe from Baba Souk, I instantly knew I’d found the one. To my surprise, this neon-tastic handira was the first gift we received off our registry, no less from my fellow home decor enthusiast and dear friend Ali. I nearly cried when I opened the box!

(Side note: If you’re not familiar with Baba Souk, they are one of my absolute FAVORITE online boutiques for all things bright and boho! And guess what? The tremendously kind team at Baba Souk is offering 15% off exclusively to TNTP readers with code babalove. How awesome is that?!)

With a piece as special as this one, it took a little time to decide the best way display it in our apartment. After considering three different options, I’m thrilled to say that we have finally found the perfect home for our beloved blanket. Without further ado, here are three ways to style a Moroccan wedding blanket!

IDEA #1: Use it as an actual blanket on your bed

If you do a quick Google search of “Moroccan wedding blanket,” most of the images will show you gorgeous handiras living on beds, as blankets generally do. The effect is the epitome of boho glam. Seriously, what could be more boho glam than loads of off-white fringe and thousands upon thousands of sparkling silver sequins? Pair that with a pile of pillows and you’re basically a Moroccan princess!

While I absolutely adore that look and the way ours looks on our bed, I’m too scared of hurting the blanket as we toss and turn and crumple it in our sleep. I did try sleeping with it on the bed for a couple nights, and while it was certainly cozy, frankly I love this blanket too much to sleep under it every night. Which lead me to my next styling idea…

IDEA #2: Cover your couch with it

If you’ve seen recent photos of casa de gloob, you’ll notice our couch is always covered by a combo of oversized, globally sourced blankets–usually our other Moroccan wedding blanket and our striped Mexican blanket. I love how easy it is to incorporate gorgeous textiles in this functional way, especially if your couch is nothing special like ours.

The issue with leaving our beautiful new handira on our couch is essentially the same as the issue with leaving it on our bed–it makes the blanket susceptible to getting ruined since we do just about everything on this couch, including eating, lounging around, and guests sleeping on it. While it matches our other handira beautifully and brings even more color and fun to the living room, the blanket needed a different home.

IDEA #3: Hang it above the bed as a headboard (winner!)

Using a simple curtain rod I picked up at Bed Bath & Beyond, I folded the incredibly long blanket in half and mounted it above our bed. (P.S. Shout-out to everyone who watched my lame Instagram story about the hunt for the perfect curtain rod. #Finials. Not one of my proudest moments…) (P.P.S. if you attempt this, you may want to secure a dowel to the center of the rod as reinforcement because, if you look carefully, you’ll see the curtain rod is drooping slightly in the middle from the weight of the blanket.)

The result is dramatic, anchors the room, and, best of all, is a SAFE place to display our beloved handira! Another huge benefit about hanging the blanket here is that our room finally feels pulled together, rather than a mishmosh of miscellaneous decorations. Upon walking into the room, your eyes immediately go to the blanket, which creates a totally cohesive look. Needless to say, I’m overjoyed!

Which is your favorite of these three ways to style a Moroccan wedding blanket?? I’d LOVE to know! Leave your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

peace, love & neon,


  1. Katie on October 10, 2017 at 10:49 am

    I love how colorful this blanket is, and will be visiting Baba Souk online. Love the different ways you styled areas of the home with it too. Love your work!

    • the neon tea party on October 10, 2017 at 2:52 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Katie!! Baba Souk is the BEST!!!! This blanket is just the tip of the iceburg. Enjoy perusing and thanks for stopping by The Neon Tea Party! xx

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