DIY Surprise Eggs

When it came to choosing a party favor for my shower, it was a unanimous decision among my sisters and myself that we had to give out surprise balls to our guests. I had just sent these from Meri Meri to my sister Rachel a few weeks prior, and she raved about how fun it was to open them with her friends.

I asked my other sister Kayla figure out how the heck to make them and make them look nice, and to say she killed it would be an understatement!

Kayla had a hard time finding those plastic balls you see in toy dispensers, so we used colorful plastic Easter eggs instead, which worked amazingly!

The first step in creating these fun surprise treats is to gather an assortment of small candies and toys. We purchased a large bag of bulk candy, paper crowns, tiny tassels for jewelry, and temporary tattoos.

We then wrapped the stuffed eggs with strips of crepe paper streamers. To make thin strips, we simply cut the crepe paper in half, right down the center.

To make sure your crepe paper doesn’t fall off the eggs, be sure to change the direction you’re wrapping almost every time, and wrap it nice and tight. Finally, we secured the crepe paper with decorative washi tape.

Our guests had the best time unwrapping their surprise eggs and playing with their new goodies–especially the paper crowns. This is definitely a DIY I plan to repeat for future parties!

all paper goods by meri meri

peace, love & neon,

< photos by christina mulé >

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