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Macrame Mood Board

If you’ve been tuning into my Instagram the past couple weeks, you may have seen that I’m now teaching two macrame classes in addition to pompoms! I took my first macrame class a few months ago as part of my CraftJam “Jammaster” training and totally fell in love with the medium.

CraftJam offers two macrame classes, Make a Chic Macrame Wall Hanging (project pictured above) & Make a Beautiful Macrame Plant Hanger, which are coming up on June 24th and 29th, respectively. Both projects are beginner friendly, and you get to take home your gorgeous macrame to display in your home. (The plant hanger class also comes with an adorable plant for you to display!)

If you’re interested in attending either class, I’ve added all upcoming dates + links to my events page. Don’t forget to use my exclusive discount code JAMMASTERMARISA for 15% off your ticket!

Once you’ve learned the basic knotting techniques in these classes, you’ll be shocked to realize just how easy it is to make complicated looking macrame pieces like the ones you see on Etsy. (You might even be compelled to launch your own shop!)

Below are a few of my favorite macrame inspirations using only knots taught at my macrame classes. Come learn with me & then try out some of these ideas!

Top row: 1 // 2  Middle row: 1 // 2 // 3  Bottom row: 1 // 2 // 3

peace, love & neon,

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