DIY Pom Pom “Camel Swag” Chandelier

I’ve been harddddcore crushing on pajakis lately. Pa-waties, you ask?! Pajakis are Polish paper chandeliers often crafted as Christmas decorations, and they are ridicccculously adorable.

With these chandelier-style ornaments on my mind lately, I couldn’t help but be inspired for my next DIY with Woman Shops World, the best online resource for globally sourced craft supplies. (WSW just moved from Etsy to an amazing new website, by the way. Congrats Carter!!!!)

Woman Shops World carries a super cool assortment of pompom and tassel decorations, which they fittingly call “camel swag” since these decorations are indeed meant to adorn camels. How cool is that?!

This pompom chandelier utilizes four of these camel swags, plus cotton tassels because duh. I used a little embroidery hoop left over from my bridal shower DIY to anchor the chandelier, which I covered with yarn for a little added flavor.

I’ll admit, I kinda came up with this DIY as I went, but I knew the result would look something like this. I think it came out pretty cool, right?

Here are the instructions to make this fun pompom chandelier yourself!


First thing’s first, you are only going to use the inside ring of the embroidery hoop. Loosen the hoop and set that baby aside.

The chandelier shape is achieved by starting with one camel swag at the top and then attaching a camel swag to each of the three hanging pompoms on the top swag. Once you’ve decided which one will live at the top, snip open the loops of the three hanging swags.

Using your embroidery needle, thread one of the snipped strings through one of the hanging pompoms from the top swag.

Pull the string back through the pompom…

…then tie a knot to secure the string to the base of the pompom. Trim the excess string, as well as the long, unused string.

Repeat this two more times with the remaining two camel swags. Next, choose one of the three branches and wrap it once around the wooden hoop.

Now you’re going to start the yarn wrapping process. Choose your first color yarn and fasten it to the hoop with a double knot. As you wrap, begin to overlap over the string of the embroidery swag to keep it in place.

Once you’ve added a sufficient amount of your first color (the amount is totally up to you!), add your next color, and so on. Add in the other two camel swag branches as you go, being sure to leave an even amount of space between each one.

Tip: To keep ends of the yarn neat and tidy, be sure wrap over the little yarn tails.

Once you get to the end, use your embroidery needle to thread the last yarn tail into the following color and snip the excess yarn.

The tassels are the final touch! I laid mine out first to make sure the colors were evenly distributed. I simply attached them by wiggling out the string knot hiding in the bottom of each pompom and, using my trusty embroidery needle, threaded a piece of string through the knot.

Secure with a double or triple knot, trim the excess thread, and slide the pompom back over the knot. Repeat with all nice tassels, and voila!

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peace, love & neon,

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