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For those who follow along my tasselicious and pom-tastic adventures on Instagram, you all have caught this and some other sneak peeks of my online shop (!!) called The Neon Bazaar. (The name is a nod to colorful market places all over the world.) The Neon Bazaar will primarily consist of jewelry and accessories for yourself and your home that I’ve made by hand. Some of the items will be pieces you’ve seen before here on TNTP and others are brand new items, specifically made for the store (tassel earrings, pom pom hoops, evil eye pom pom key chains, tassel bag charms, etc!).

In addition to handmade items, I’m planning a section called “Global Goodies” where you can shop colorful items I pick up on my travels. Sam and I just booked our honeymoon to Mexico City and Oaxaca, so expect to see some Mexican goodness up in the store come fall. 🙂

I’m still creating items for the shop, so if there is anything you don’t see here that you’d be interested in seeing in my shop, please please please let me know! You can leave a comment below, message me on Instagram, or email me at I simply want to make all your pom pom and tassel dreams come true!

The Neon Bazaar will be open for business in the next week or two, so stay tuned!!!!!

peace, love & oh-so-much neon,

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