Introducing: The Neon Bazaar!

It’s here! It’s here!! I can’t even believe it. I feel like a crazy person for deciding to launch an online store just 3 1/2 short weeks before my wedding, but the goods were done and I just couldn’t contain my excitement to make them available to everyone!

First, I want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and support regarding the launch! I especially want to thank all those who shared The Neon Bazaar on Facebook and Instagram — you know who you are!! Getting the word out is most of the battle and you guys have been such a tremendous help in doing so. <3

The concept behind The Neon Bazaar is to bring to life the Neon Tea Party brand in product form so that you too can have a piece of the colorful, tasselicious fun! Currently, all the items in my shop are all handmade or semi-handmade by me (semi-handmade meaning part of the item is sourced and then adorned with handmade embellishments, like the straw pom pom hat pictured above). You can also shop some of my past DIYs (!!) AND work with me to create a totally customized item.

Next month after Sam’s and my honeymoon in Mexico City & Oaxaca (!!!!!!!!!!), I’ll be adding to the shop whatever neon-tastic deliciousness I find down there and plan to continue adding globally-sourced items to the shop following any and all exotic travels. (So excited for this part!)

Okay, now onto the GOODIES!!!! I want to point out a few of my favorite pieces, as many of my items have really cool stories about where their components come from. I’ve been collecting items from my travels over the years in anticipation of this occasion and am so excited to share these finds with you all!


There are two super cool (I think!) elements about this necklace.

#1 is the adjustable necklace tassel, which is a fixture in most necklaces from India. The adjustable component is super comfortable on your neck and it allows you to adjust the length to your liking. The silk tassels on these necklaces were custom made in Mumbai, India specifically for The Neon Tea Party!!

#2 is that all the beads on these necklaces have been gathered from infinite sources over the years, from my childhood bead collection to my travels to my favorite bead store in midtown Manhattan. No two necklaces will ever be alike!

You can shop this unique necklace in pink here & orange here.



The base of these friendship bracelets are adorable woven bracelets I found on my trip to Costa Rica two and a half years ago. I fell in love with their vibrant colors and almost Mexican blanket-like patterns.

To jazz them up, I attached rhinestone chain with neon embroidery floss, giving them a funky multi-media feel.

There are only 5 friendship bracelet bases, so snap one up quick before this style is gone forever!



This is easily one of my favorite pieces in the shop (hence why I couldn’t help but model it!). These itty bitty pom poms were crafted from yarn scraps from some of my other pom pom pieces. Haphazardly mixing the scraps of different colors is what gives these poms their playful, confetti-like appearance.

The star charms between each pom are a little added wink, giving just the right amount of character to this special piece.

Bonus: there are little hoop earrings to match!



I’ll stop there for now because I could go on and on about each and every piece, so I’ll just let you explore for yourself! If you have any questions about the products, feedback of any kind, are interested in a custom order, or simply want to say hi, you can email me at


peace, love & ALL THE NEON,

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