See ya in September! (JK… kinda…)

Our wedding month is in full swing with just under THREE WEEKS until the big day!! With an engagement as short as ours, it was bound to sneak up on us. Nevertheless, I cannot believe it’s basically here!

While all the big things are of course squared away, there are so. many. little details that have to get done in order for our dream wedding to come true and run smoothly.

That being the case, I will not be posting any new content here on the blog until we’ve returned from our honeymoon in Mexico City & Oaxaca–with plenty of pictures and souvenirs, no doubt!

But that doesn’t mean TNTP is going anywhere. Quite the contrary! The Neon Bazaar is in full swing and orders placed by 8/21 will be fulfilled prior to the wedding. Plus, you can always catch me on Instagram @theneonteparty where I’ll be sharing sneak peeks of wedding details (!!).

I look forward to seeing you on the other side as a totally refreshed, newly married lady!

peace, love & neon,

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