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What I Wore Every Day in Mexico

After the wedding, we had less than 24 hours back in NYC to prepare ourselves for our week-long honeymoon in Mexico. After over a week of craziness and running on very little sleep, packing for Mexico was not a chore for which I had the mental capacity at that point. Usually I take the time to edit down my clothes to a select number of pieces that make a plethora of outfits. I’ll pick versatile accessories and no more than three pairs of shoes. Yeah, that method went totally out the window this time around. Instead I basically packed my entire closet and prayed that I wouldn’t get hit with overweight bag charges.

I also wasn’t entirely sure what the weather would be like. The end of summer is pretty much a crap-shoot when traveling anywhere, so I packed jeans and lightweight jackets alongside little dresses and sandals, not having the faintest clue which pieces I’d actually end up wearing.

Just our luck, it downpoured our first night in Mexico City (nearly ruining my beloved new espadrilles!) and we saw anywhere from a slight sprinkle to cats-and-dogs each day thereafter. Luckily, the sun came out our last two days in Oaxaca and I actually got to wear one of my beloved dress-and-sandal combos on our last night!

I realized that our week in Mexico was a challenge in transitional dressing, which we’re also experiencing here in New York right now. It’s hot one minute, chilly the next, and we’re never quite sure if the sky is going to open up and pour at any given moment. If you’re experiencing such sartorial challenges yourself these days, I hope the following looks spark some outfit combo ideas to last you until boots-and-sweaters season!

THURSDAY (Palacio Nacional, CDMX)

Embroidered Jacket: Zara, available here in M, similar styles here // Jeans: Madewell, similar here // Sneakers: Converse, available here

FRIDA-Y (Museo Frida Kahlo, CDMX)

Top: Zara, available here in XS, similar here and here // Jeans: The Neon Tea Party, DIY instructions here // Charm necklaces: available on The Neon Bazaar // Sandals: Loeffler Randall

SATURDAY (Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo, CDMX)

Jean Jacket: The Neon Tea Party, DIY instructions here // Jeans: Madewell, similar here // Charm necklaces: available on The Neon Bazaar // Sandals: Loeffler Randall

SUNDAY (Casa Oaxaca, Oaxaca)

Camo Utility Jacket: Vintage, similar here // Dress: similar herehere // Charm necklaces: available on The Neon Bazaar // Sneakers: Converse, available here

MONDAY (Boulenc, Oaxaca)

Vest: Zara, available here in S // Jeans: The Neon Tea Party, DIY instructions here // Sneakers: Converse, available here

TUESDAY (El Tule, Oaxaca)

Shirt: similar here // Jeans: Madewell, similar here // Sneakers: Converse, available here

Looking for outfit info that I didn’t tag? Leave your requests in the link below!

peace, love & neon,

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