Setting New Year’s Resolutions in September

Without question, fall is a time for fresh starts. Following the lazy days, occupied weekends and week-long vacations of summer, September always feels like a time to get back to reality. I’ve always found it fitting that the Jewish new year occurs during this time, marking for all those who observe it a true ringing in of the new.

Whether you celebrated Rosh Hashanah or have simply returned to the post-summer grind, I find that this time of year naturally triggers a list of resolutions: eat healthier, work smarter, get back to the gym, start that project you put off while enjoying rooftop drinks with friends, weddings and weekends at the beach.

I’ve been mentioning on Instagram how energized I feel post-wedding now that my personal to-do list is no longer overflowing. Between this newly vacant headspace and all these wonderful new year vibes, I’ve made a few resolutions myself to continue on the never-ending road to self improvement.

What I’m tempted to label as “work harder” is more accurately described as “focus.” The sense of enthusiasm and urgency I have towards The Neon Tea Party is something I feel every minute of every day, so hard work is not the issue. With an endless list of projects, inquiries, and administrative tasks, I could easily spend each waking moment crossing things off my to-do list and still not be satisfied with where I’m at in the business. Rather, my resolution is to keep my eye on the prize and use my designated work hours in the smartest ways possible. This includes: prioritizing projects that generate income, chipping away bit-by-bit at daunting administrative tasks, and always remembering that “done is better than perfect” (Sam’s best advice).

In the past year, our small apartment has come to feel even smaller now that craft supplies, inventory and wedding gifts have invaded every spare crevice. We plan to remain in the apartment for at least one more year so in order to maintain our sanities, it’s time to crack open Marie Kondo’s method and change our lives by tidying up. I’ve already read the first couple chapters and, in accordance with Kondo’s advice, I’m preparing for a total tidying overhaul. This should also help tremendously with my ability to achieve resolution #1, focus, as well as keep the apartment more-or-less photo ready whenever I need it to be.

Like most who’ve watched it, this summer I was scarred by the pro-vegan documentary What The Health. While the film certainly errs on the extreme side, it does show the multitude of health benefits from cutting out animal based products. Sam and I tested a plant based diet in the weeks leading up to the wedding and I was pleasantly surprised by how energized, lean and full I felt. While I could never imagine forever giving up cheese, fish or the occasional steak, maintaining a mostly plant based diet at home is really not that hard when you plan for it. I got us back on track this week by taking a trip to Trader Joe’s (this list of TJ’s vegan items is AWESOME) and cooking up a big pot of Thug Kitchen’s deliciously satisfying Lemony Red Lentil Soup.

Do you find yourself making new year’s resolutions in September? Share yours in the comments below!

Peace, love & neon,

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