Introducing: Global Goodies + How to Style Them!

In developing my concept for The Neon Tea Party, I ALWAYS knew I wanted globally-sourced products to be a prominent part of the business. I’ve seen countless brands follow this model and it has long called out to me as a way to 1.) see the world (obv!) 2.) curate a unique offering and 3.) authenticate TNTP’s globally-inspired point of view. So many of the colorful, patterned, and ornamented items available on the market are inspired by traditional techniques from all over the world. While those goods are beautiful in their own right, nothing quite compares to native handicrafts and the talented people whose families have been making these goods for generations.

There is an enormous opportunity right now in the global economy to tap into the artistic talent of those people around the world whose families and communities can use the money, and we in turn can benefit from their beautiful work. It is my hope that in growing the “Global Goodies” portion of TNTP, I can work directly with makers around the world, namely in Mexico, South America, and India, to develop gorgeous items whose production will employ women who need the work and whose families and communities will benefit fairly.

This first batch of Global Goodies was sourced during Sam’s and my honeymoon in Mexico City and Oaxaca. Being that the primary reason for our travels was not to shop (gasp!) but rather to see the world and enjoy our post-wedding afterglow, each item was picked up from markets and street vendors we discovered along the way. These items represent a sampling of many of the traditional skills from across Mexico, like otomi embroidery, tin mirror hammering and pom pom making (!!).

I sincerely hope that you all enjoy this curated selection. If you have any feedback at all, please please email me at with your thoughts. I’d love to know if you have any ideas about how this portion of TNTP’s business can best succeed!

Okay, now onto pretty pictures and styling ideas! You know I wouldn’t leave you hanging with funky objects and no inspo for how to style them. Read to see how I’d decorate #casadegloob with The Neon Bazaar’s first batch of Global Goodies!

1. These baskets from Oaxaca are as stylish as they are functional. They look great anywhere and everywhere, but they really kill it on a bookcase.

2. Punctuate your bed (above) and couch (below) with Otomi throw pillows. This turquoise beauty is a crowd pleaser (and has a matching friend!) but they are just as cool in orange and multi-colored.

3. Add fun accents to your pre-existing gallery wall (or start a new one!) with milagro heart mirrors and hanging pom pom garlands.

4. You can also use aforementioned pom pom garlands to decorate your home for special occasions or the every day.

5. You can never have too many bowls! Use them for serving guacamole and stashing your everyday jewels.

6. Fun fact: pom pom bag charms double as doorknob decorations.

This isn’t even everything that’s available now on The Neon Bazaar. Head on over to check out the entire assortment of Global Goodies and be sure to snag what you love before it’s gone!

Peace, love & neon,

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