DIY Frida Kahlo Pumpkin

When brainstorming what kind of pumpkin I should DIY for TNTP this Halloween, the choice was obvious: Frida Kahlo! (Seriously, how could I not? It was only a matter of time!)

With Halloween fast approaching, I wanted this DIY to be fun and easy, and thanks to Woman Shops World, this charming project is just that. What better way to show off WSW’s plethora of globally-sourced crafty goodies than to turn them into accessories for Frida. We have a raffia pom pom crown to represent Frida’s notorious hair flowers, gold tassels for earrings, Indian sari trim as an embroidered blouse, and a turquoise bead necklace to top it all off. With these few beautiful details plus some yarn, paper and glue, you can whip up an incredibly gorgeous Frid-a-lantern in a snap.

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Alright, are we ready to Frida?! ¡Por su puesto!


A pumpkin (try to find one with a smooth “face” and even better if it’s one of the tall skinny ones!)
Black yarn
Black paper stock
Red paper stock
Hot glue & gun
Pencil & eraser
Straight pins to attach “jewelry”
Raffia pom poms
2 gold tassels
Turquoise beads
1 yard of embroidered trim

Start off by drawing lips on the red paper and one long, wavy eyebrow on the black paper. If you’re unsure about how they’ll turn out, my advice is to go bigger than you think as you can always trim down. To give you some reference, the lips I made are about 3″ across and the eyebrow is about 7″.

Set aside for later. 😉

Next, trim 30 long strands of black yarn (they should be longer than you want your braid to be) and, separating the yarn into 3 groups of 10, make one long braid without knots on the ends. Drape the yarn around the top of the pumpkin leaving only enough empty space for the raffia pom poms to fill in and secure with hot glue. Place 4 or 5 raffia poms in the empty space, slightly overlapping the braid, and secure with hot glue.

Time to give Frida some clothes! Use your straight pins to secure the trim towards the bottom of the pumpkin. I chose to overlap the ends of the trim in the front to give the effect of a neckline, but you can totally have the ends overlap in the back. Secure in place with hot glue.

Now that you know where Frida’s hair and shirt fall, attached her eyebrow and lips in the center using hot glue.

Finally, deck her out with jewelry using straight pins to attach the tassel “earrings” and the turquoise necklace.

And just like that, you have a totally fun, totally chic Frida Kahlo pumpkin.

A huge thank you to my friends at Woman Shops World for providing Frida’s accessories!

Let me know if you try this DIY by tagging @theneonteaparty on social, and leave any comments or questions below!

Peace, love & neon,

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