TNTP’s Ultimate Weekend in New York City

Having grown up 30-minutes outside of New York City, lived and interned here every summer during college, and moved here right afterwards, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in New York. Over the years I’ve tried hundreds of restaurants, grabbed drinks at nearly a bazillion bars, and visited every neighborhood in Manhattan and much of Brooklyn. While I’m no expert at knowing the hottest new spots in town (that’s what Your Weekend Plans is for!), I do know a few things: places to get crafty; tea parties; delicious, no-frills, affordable comfort food; and where to find the most aesthetically pleasing Mexican restaurant in town.

Lucky for you, I’ve shared some of my all-time favorite spots to eat, drink and shop in lower Manhattan with my good friends over at Your Weekend Plans. Click here to get access to TNTP’S ULTIMATE WEEKEND IN NYC!*

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