Colorful Beanies are Here!!!

You guys, I cannot even express how excited I am to share these brand new beanies with you all!!!!! When I first came up with the idea to make pom pom beanies for the winter, I had no idea they would be received with such enthusiasm. We’ve sold about 20 beanies so far, which is a lot for us!! I truly think we’re on to something with these deliciously cozy and colorful hats. Up until today, however, we’ve only been able to offer beanies with neutral, solid color bases. Don’t get me wrong — I absolutely ADORE them and wear mine everyday — but you know we’re all about color here at TNTP and I couldn’t help but dream of making beanies that had color on the bottom as well as the top.

One fateful pom pom class, I met a knitting pro named Allison Russell who mentioned she makes beanies. She had, in fact, attended my pom pom class to perfect her pom pom skills so that she could make poms for her hats! Already having the idea for totally TNTP-fied beanies, I asked if we could partner on a few styles and here we are!!

We made four beanies total, one in each color, so they are totally and completely one-of-a-kind. The yarns for these beanies were sourced from handmade yarn dyers around the country and most of these yarns are no longer available, so if you fall in love with one (or more!) of the styles, this may be your only chance you make it yours.

The beanies are topped with our signature fluffy shag poms in our juiciest, most delicious colors! I am just so stinking thrilled with our these turned out and hope that you guys love them as much as I do.

Head on over to the shop to snap them up asap!!!! Happy Beanie Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, love & oh-so-much neon,

photos by the one-and-only becca siegel photo

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