DIY Pom Pom Tote Basket

You’ve seen these fun summery tote baskets everywhere — now learn to DIY them using your favorite color pom poms!

In the past year or two, pom pom baskets have gone from playful accessory to summertime staple. It seems every boutique is carrying a version of this cheerful tote, but oftentimes for much more than it would cost to make yourself. Luckily, with a few key supplies and our Online Craft Studio, you can whip up this versatile tote (or any variation of it you please) in a snap!

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy


*Included in our Pom Pom & Tassel DIY Kits!

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

If you don’t have a pre-cut trim guide, start by making a 2.5″ (diameter) circle trim guide for yourself using the chip board or cereal box, the 2.5″ circular object to trace, a pencil and scissors. Cut out the 2.5″ circle.

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

Next, watch here to learn how to wrap, tie and trim your pom poms using a Loome tool. The pom poms in this project call for a total of 120 revolutions (or the inside and outstand strands of yarn wrapped 60 times simultaneously) wrapped on the wide (2.25″) side of the Loome. Follow the trimming instructions in the video tutorial using your 2.5″ trim guide.

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

Voila! A beautiful, bright and shaggy pom pom! This project calls for eight total (four colors x 2). We’re using Omegacryl yarn in colors Citrus, Mexican Pink, Light Salmon & Water Blue.

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

Plan your pom pom placement on your basket. If you like, you can use a marker to mark your pom pom placement.

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

Now it’s time to attach your poms using your plastic yarn needle and embroidery floss from your kit. Cut a piece of embroidery floss about 7-8″ long and thread it through your needle. Starting from the inside of the basket, push the needle through to the front between weaves. Be sure the string comes out where the center of your pom pom should go. Next, find the string in the center of your pom pom and sew the embroidery floss under that string. (You can also reverse the steps by sewing the floss under the pom pom string first and then sewing the pom to the basket – either way!)

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

To ensure a clean finish on the inside of your basket, locate the tail dangling inside and sew it also to the front of the basket. Next secure your pom pom to the basket by tying 2-3 knots between the pom pom and the surface of the basket. Trim off excess embroidery floss.

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

If you’re following this design, you can add the top two pom poms first and make sure they’re even before securing the knots and trimming the excess embroidery floss. Repeat these steps until all pom poms have been added!

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

the neon tea party pom pom tote basket diy

So simple, right?! I take this tote literally everywhere: the beach, the farmers market, picnics, weekend trips and even just to lunch with friends.

This adorable basket is just one of a zillion summer-perfect accessories you can create with pom poms. Be sure to check out our pom pom video lesson here to learn the three easy steps to make pom poms you can put on everything under the sun.

Questions? Leave ’em in the comments below!

Peace, love & neon,


  1. Barbara Free on March 31, 2021 at 8:01 pm

    Hi Marisa,
    I contacted you before about the Pom Pom Tote. You very kindly sent me the link for directions and where to order the basket totes. Unfortunately, she is no longer in business, but I have found similar basket totes to use. When reading over your directions I notice you used colors that are not in your 44 yarn collection that I previously bought. Are the following colors still available:
    Pale neon green, neon pink, pale neon coral and aqua? If so can I order them?
    Again, thanks for all your help! Have a fabulous holiday!
    Barb Free

    • the neon tea party on April 2, 2021 at 12:15 pm

      Hi Barb! Thanks for asking! Those colors are indeed available in our shop! The color names listed were before we started selling Omgegacryl and set the color names, so they’re just not updated — thank you for catching that! Just fixed! Here are the colors of the yarns featured in this tutorial: Citrus, Mexican Pink, Light Salmon & Water Blue. Have a blast making your basket! Would love to see photos when you’re done!!!! You can always email at or tag/message us on IG @theneonteaparty! xx, Marisa

    • JenM on June 8, 2021 at 12:04 pm

      Hi Barb & Marisa,

      I just read your message…I’m looking to order basket totes also, can you please share where you purchased them from? So excited to add some poms to them! Thank you Marisa for sharing your techniques!!

      Thanks so much,

      • the neon tea party on July 14, 2021 at 3:03 pm

        Hi Jen! The basket pictured here is no longer available, but we love these Sisal baskets from The Little Market!

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