My One Little Word® for 2019

The Neon Tea Party One Little Word 2019

Happy 2019 friends!!!! I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start!

I don’t know about you guys but I felt immensely refreshed after taking a week and half off for the holidays. I was so refreshed, in fact, that I had originally planned on being off through the end of last week but was so chock-full of clarity on what 2019 should look like that I went right back to my desk the morning of the 2nd and got straight to work planning the year to come.

What excites me so much about 2019 is that this is the first January since I launched TNTP a little over two years ago that I not only have a clear vision for what I want to make of the business in the coming 12 months, but also a logical series of steps to move us forward and bring the vision to life. What a feeling! Never have I felt so energized and confident in what’s actually possible for TNTP. The amount of work ahead this year is daunting, no doubt, but as long as I keep paddling at a steady pace, these goals are totally attainable.

That brings me to the title of this post, “My One Little Word® for 2019.”

I recently learned about the “one little word” concept while listening to this episode of the Crafty Ass Females podcast in which hosts Amanda and Kristin share theirs for 2019. Developed by designer/blogger Ali Edwards, the concept behind One Little Word® is to choose a word for the year ahead that sets the tone for the next 12 months — a single word to reflect upon and carry with you as you move through each day, week and month. (You can learn more about One Little Word® here.)

As I sat down last week to outline the months to come, I couldn’t help but wonder what my word might be. (No SATC reference intended!) I knew it was related to structure and organization, but those words seemed too rigid, too sterile. I wanted a warmer word. A word that implies setting myself up for success and planning for great things to come. That’s when it hit me.

My word for 2019 is: Foundation.

In two months, I’ll be 30 years old. I know age is just a number but in entering this new decade I can’t help but take “adulting” more seriously than ever before. This business is far from play–it’s my future and my family’s livelihood. And speaking of family, I can’t say that I don’t hear my biological clock ticking. Growing our family is something that is extremely important to Sam and me, and when that time comes (G-d willing), I want to enter that new phase of life knowing that The Neon Tea Party will be in good hands when my attention is needed elsewhere.

This year I aim to build a strong foundation upon which to grow my business and move into the next phase of my life as seamlessly as possible. My big goals for 2019 include:


  1. Hiring more help
  2. Consistently booking an ideal number of events each month
  3. Moving the business into its own space
  4. Growing our online education efforts


  1. Streamlining our apartment and making it an “oasis”
  2. Making time each day to move my body
  3. Getting out of bed more easily (this one’s the hardest for me!)
  4. Visiting my friends and family around the country

In working towards these goals, my hope is that by the time 2020 rolls around, The Neon Tea Party will not only be scaling but will also be stable through its growth–something no business can do without a strong foundation.

Are you familiar with the One Little Word® concept? Whether you’ve already been thinking about your or just learned of the concept in this post, I’d love love love to know what your word is. Feel free to share it in the comments below, DM me on Instagram or email me at

Peace, love & neon,

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