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My Plans for Finishing Touches on #CasadeNeon

The Jungalow Craft Supply Ideas

photo via the jungalow

A lot has changed since Sam and I moved into our apartment on the border of the Chelsea and Meatpacking neighborhoods in NYC four and a half years ago. At the time, The Neon Tea Party was only a twinkle in my eye — and now it’s full-on taken over our home!

I should also note that when our apartment belonged only to Sam and me, we referred to it as #casadegloob — a nod to our goofy pet name for one another. However, now that our apartment is shared with The Neon Tea Party, it feels more appropriate to refer to it as #casadeneon, since this is where all the neon magic goes down.

Late last year, as our lease was coming up for renewal, we heavily considered up and moving into a bigger apartment to better accommodate my space needs for TNTP. Our thinking was to find a two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, using one of the bedrooms for TNTP HQ, which would allow us to close the door on all the stuff that comes with this business and feel some separation between work and home life.

Ultimately, we decided we love our neighborhood, apartment, and steal of a rent too much to warrant a move — and that ultimately, TNTP would just have to find our own space! So that means in the meantime we’re making it work in our tiny 450 sq/foot apartment.

We’ve done a decent job so far fitting everything in our apartment and making it work as best as possible. It’s incredible how much once space can hold just by adding some shelves, drawers, and bins, which I’ve done periodically as needed. But now we’ve gotten to a point where living in a home surrounded by boxes is no bueno for our moods and the vibes here, so I’ve set out to give our little home a much-needed update.


  1. Attractively organize the TNTP parts of our home in a way that kind of looks like decor
  2. Make the “home” parts of our home (bedroom, bathroom, couch area) our zen sanctuaries where we can unwind between the mad moments of business ownership
  3. Create as much division between the two as possible

The timing couldn’t be better because a couple months ago, a publisher reached out about featuring our apartment on an Instagram Story series they have about interesting apartments. (A serious dream realized, by the way!! Ever since I was a magazine-obsessed tween I’d always hoped my home could one day be cool enough for a feature! And now here we are!)

I thought I’d share some of the inspiration and plans I have for this apartment update before the big reveal next Thursday, August 8th!


Baba Souk Pom Pom Baskets Craft Storage Idea

photo via baba souk

The first priority of this whole update is, of course, storage and organization for all things TNTP. This includes all craft supplies, shop inventory, packing materials, project samples, display items, and more. Some item categories were organized but others have been thrown together as a mish-mosh in drawers, bags and cardboard boxes.

Here’s my checklist for improving the TNTP organization situation:

  • Organize all craft supplies into easily transportable bins (items for workshops) and drawers (items that live at home)
  • Add shelves to the wall in the “TNTP” side of our living room and decorate it with craft supply-filled mason jars
  • Turn the bar cart under the shelves into an order packing station
  • Decorate straw baskets that hold craft supplies & inventory
  • Minimize excess craft supplies and donate what we no longer need
Crate & Barrel Beaumont White Wall Rack Craft Storage Ideas

shelves & photo via crate & barrel

Mor til Mernee Craft Storage Ideas

photo via mor til mernee

The Jungalow Craft Storage Ideas

photo via the jungalow


The most important goal with the living room has been to make it as comfortable and TNTP-free as possible so that we have a defined hang out area that isn’t totally overrun by work things. Since the craft storage area and living room are all in the same space, I’ve decided to establish a dividing line between the two areas to give the feel of two rooms in one. While the shelves under our TV will still hold inventory, I’m trying to disguise it as best as possible as home decor to give the illusion that there isn’t actually TNTP stuff in there. 😉

There are also a few decor updates I’ve been putting off for too long, including updating the art on one of the walls and adding new throw pillows to the couch.

Here’s my checklist for updating our living room to be a funky chill space:

  1. Create an oversized gallery wall on the far wall with our larger art pieces
  2. Make new throw pillow covers for the couch
  3. Purchase big tray to corral current craft projects for easy storage on the middle tier of the coffee table
  4. Swap out tired art with special photo prints
  5. Spray paint frames to be white and gold instead of black
  6. Clear out all TNTP stuff except the craft project tray and what’s in the shelves under the TV

photo via unknown

photo via studio diy

photo via design sponge

photo via unknown

photo via west elm


photo via oh dear drea

Finishing our bedroom has been the most important effort as far as creating an “escape” within our small home. For too long there have been piles of clutter in each corner and, what should feel like the one true division from the TNTP madness in our home has just felt like an extension of the mess. For this room, I’ve focused on creating a home for each of our item categories, stashing clutter into hidden piles to be dealt with at a later date (Sorry Mari Kondo! A girl can only do so much at once!), and filling empty spaces previously used to collect piles with plants to prevent said piles from forming again. I also wanted to add some details to Sam’s side of the room so that he has a place to display the things that make him feel happy and at home.

Here’s my checklist for finally turning our bedroom into a zen retreat:

  1. Add shelves to empty wall above Sam’s side of the bed & display his favorite little items
  2. Clear away all clutter and hide clutter piles to be dealt with at a later date (not ideal but it’s the best thing for now)
  3. Fill the ledge below the window with plants in pretty baskets
  4. Get pretty baskets for night stand and armoire storage
  5. Add two fun throw pillows to the bed and designate a space for them to go at night that isn’t the floor

photo via my domaine


photo via design sponge

The other room in our apartment that’s capable of feeling like an escape is our bathroom, which I lovingly refer to as the world’s smallest. I gave this room an update a couple years back, so the only thing I wanted to add here is more plants. Earlier this year I moved one of our few plants into the shower ledge where our single bathroom window is located and it’s one of my favorite design decisions of our whole apartment! Every time I step into the shower it feels like being in a rain forest, which makes me so insanely happy and calm. Our shower curtain also has leaves all over it, so the addition of as many plants as possible is going to make the whole bathroom feel like a mini urban jungle.

Here’s my checklist for finishing our jungalicious bathroom:

  1. Hang macrame plant hanger with plant in the shower alcove next to the other plant
  2. Add three mini plants above the medicine cabinet
  3. Add small plant on top of the toilet next to the lucite tray

photo via the decoist

And that’s it for the decor updates at #CasadeNeon! Luckily our kitchen/office nook has been done for a while and will just need a bit of tidying for the shoot. I’m sooo excited to finally be “done” with our home (done in quotes because it’s never actually done!) and to share all the design updates with you! You can see the evolution of our home here in our decor section of the blog.

Feel free to leave any comments / questions below!

Peace, love & neon,

P.S.: I’ve done my best to correctly attribute these photos, however some source searches lead me to dead ends. If an unattributed photo belongs to you or you know the original source, please contact me to let me know and I’ll update accordingly! Thank you!


  1. Ilyssa Herrington on August 3, 2019 at 9:36 am

    It’s going to look so good! Excited to see the finished product!

    • the neon tea party on August 5, 2019 at 10:30 am

      Thank you so much Ilyssa!! I can’t wait for you to see!!! <3

  2. rebecca kelly on August 3, 2019 at 10:09 am

    How fabulous!! Marisa- if you ever want to donate to Bellevue- you know where to find me!!
    We just redid our apartment and have a huge urban garden on our terrace!
    Small places can be oasis!!!

    • the neon tea party on August 5, 2019 at 10:31 am

      Yes! Thank you for the reminder, Rebecca! I’ll let you know — still have some craft supplies to go through that I can totally whittle down. 🙂

  3. Donna Belisle on August 3, 2019 at 2:47 pm

    Casa de Neon is just beautiful! May I ask where you source your beautiful baskets from?

    • the neon tea party on August 5, 2019 at 10:32 am

      Hi Donna! Thank you so much! The baskets are from all over. The pink striped ones are from The Little Market, the ones in the green shelves are from World Market, and the belly baskets are from Amazon and Container Store. Let me know if you have any trouble finding and I’ll send you some links! xo, Marisa

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