DIY Color Blocked Disk Beaded Necklaces

Color block beaded jewelry has been majorly trending, largely thanks to Roxanne Assoulin’s colorful creations and the subsequent wave of color blocked jewelry that’s followed.

A couple years ago, when the trend first began to emerge, I whipped out a strand of African vinyl beads I had stashed in my bead drawer and decided to create my own version of this look, grouping together the slim disk beads into color blocks, rather than using chunky beads.

This experiment unexpectedly resulted in what quickly became my most-worn piece of jewelry. Two years later and I still wear this necklace almost every day. You guys have noticed it too and ask about it all the time, so I’m thrilled to finally share the DIY details with you!

I’m even more thrilled about this DIY because you can create it entirely using our TNTP x WomanShopsWorld Beaded Letter Bracelet DIY Kit!

In this post I’m showing you how to make the exact pattern of color block necklace I live in, however you can totally put your own spin on the pattern by varying up the width of the color blocks and the pattern repetition.

If you’re using our Beaded Letter Bracelet DIY Kit, you may want to see how much of each color bead is included in your kit (the amount of each color varies by kit) and create your pattern based off of what you have on hand. (The link to more disk beads is in the supply list below.) You can even add in some of the pearls and letter beads also included!

We’ll finish the necklace with an adjustable closure – a favorite of ours here at TNTP.

Let’s dive into how to make Color Blocked Disk Beaded Necklaces!


  • African vinyl disk beads* (you can find more here! #6 & #14)
  • 40″ of knotting cord*
  • 2 gold spacer beads*
  • Beading needle*
  • Needle threader*
  • Tapestry needle*
  • Lighter
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Bead board or tray

*Supplies are included in our TNTP x WSW Beaded Word Bracelet DIY Kit!

STEP 1: Prep your cord

Cut two pieces of knotting cord: one at 28 inches the other at 12 inches Set aside the 12 inch piece for later. Tear a small piece of washi tape and tape it around one of the ends of the 28 inch knotting cord to act as a bead stopper.

STEP 2: Plan your disk bead color pattern

This distinct color block pattern is created by making multiple color pairs, then alternating the blocks of color pairs. To get the look, you’ll need a lot of disk beads in each color — 60 each of 8 colors to be exact — so if you’re using our Beaded Bracelet DIY Kit, you’ll want to use the entire bag of beads. If you run out of colors, you can order more from WomanShopsWorld (#6 & #14).

Plan your pattern in the following order: ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH ; ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH ; ABAB CDCD EFEF GHGH

My pattern is as follows: pink – blue – pink – blue ; green – yellow – green – yellow ; red – light blue – red – light blue ; black – white – black – white ; then repeat twice more…

Each color block is made up of 10 disk beads, so you’ll want to add 10 of the same color beads at a time to achieve a single color block.

STEP 3: String on your beads

Thread the non-taped end of the 28 inch cord onto a beading needle, using a needle threader if needed. To string beads, place the beads directly onto the beading needle attached your cord. You can put a bunch of beads on the needle at once, which makes this process a lot faster. Once the beads are on the needle, push them down until they transfer onto the cord. Keep going until you’ve completed your pattern, which should be 14.5 inches long–though you can certainly keep going and add more beads, if you’d like!

STEP 4: Secure your beads with knots on either end of pattern

Once all of your beads are on the string, center them as best as you can. Next, use the tapestry needle as an awl to add a single knot at each end of the bead pattern. To do this, tie a loose knot close to the end of the bead pattern, place the tapestry needle in the center loop of the knot, move the knot close to the beads, pull it tight with the needle still in, and, finally,  remove the needle and give one last tug. Repeat on the other side.

STEP 5: Prep your adjustable strings for adjustable closure

Before creating your adjustable closure, you’ll want to prep your strings. Take the ends of your necklace and hold them next to each other going in opposite directions. Use small pieces of washi tape to temporarily tape your adjustable ends in place at the top and at the bottom. This will keep all your strings in place for adding your adjustable square knot closure in between the pieces of washi tape.

STEP 6: Add adjustable square knot closure

Now’s the time to retrieve that 12 inch piece of knotting cord you set aside. You’ll use this piece to create the adjustable square knot closure at the back of your necklace. You can refer to Step 5 in this post to learn how to execute the square knot closure.

STEP 7: Add spacer beads to the ends of the pull strings

Use your beading needle to thread a spacer bead onto the end of each pull string. Tie a double knot after each bead to secure it in place, about 3.5 inches down the length of the adjustable string. Trim the excess cord, and singe the ends with a lighter to finish.

I mean, how fun are these necklaces?! I am beyond excited for you guys to make them (and hopefully live in them) too!!

As always: leave any questions in the comments below, and be sure to tag @theneonteaparty and @womanshopsworld on Instagram so we can see what you’re creating. HAPPY CRAFTING!!

Peace, love & neon,


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    • the neon tea party on October 7, 2020 at 12:49 pm

      Thank you, Julia! -Marisa

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    I love it I will try it

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