DIY Pom Pom & Tassel Gift Toppers

Pom pom & tassel gift toppers: the gift that keeps on giving! Seriously. Gifts are wonderful enough as they are, but topped with beautiful, reusable pom-tassel baubles, your gifts’ recipients will love the wrapping as much as the gifts themselves!

In this tutorial, I’m walking you through how to make two styles of pom pom & tassel gift toppers, perfect for all those Hanukkah and Christmas presents! First up, a multi-tassel, multi-pom pom bauble that doubles as an ornament, followed by a mini pom-tassel garland that wraps around a gift and can afterwards be strung up as a festive decoration.


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Create an assortment of pom poms and tassels in whatever colors, patterns and sizes you like! Big poms and tassels make for extravagant baubles, while smaller pom poms and tassels can be strung together to create a mini garland decoration. You can find instructions for how to make all the pictured pom poms and tassels and more here in our Online Craft Studio!

To make tinsel poms, follow the same instructions as you would making a regular pom pom, just replace yarn with tinsel and only wrap it around a Loome tool a handful of times until it’s bulky, then proceed as usual!


For a big pom-tassel gift bauble, you’ll need about 3 pom poms and 2-4 tassels, which can all be different sizes and colors. (All pom pom & tassel instructions can be found here!)

To create the top of your pom-tassel gift bauble, cut a piece of medium or thick weight yarn about 18″ long, thread it onto a plastic yarn needle, and thread your first pom onto the yarn by finding the embroidery floss on the inside of your pom and going under it with your yarn needle, pushing the pom pom onto the length of yarn.

Repeat with the two other pom poms so that all three pom poms are strung on in this way. Center the pom poms on the yarn, then tie the two ends of the yarn together with a double knot to secure the pom pom trio in a cluster, leaving the excess yarn hanging long.

Each tassel you’ll be adding should have its own long piece of yarn to attach to. If you’re adding more than two tassels (or if your ends turned out too short) add as many ~10″ yarn strands as needed by tying them on near the knot you just created.

String on beads and tassels to each hanging bauble strand using a plastic yarn needle. When adding bells or beads with small holes, you’ll want to use a beading needle like the one pictured.

With the tassels positioned to dangle down, thread the end of each strand back up through the beads above and tie each one below the pom pom cluster with a double knot to secure.

And there you have a pom-tassel gift bauble! To attach your bauble to a gift, string it on to a long strand of medium or thick yarn using the stringing on method here, then wrap the yarn around your gift like a ribbon, positioning the bauble wherever on the gift you want it to sit.


Making a pom-tassel gift garland is the same thing as making a regular garland — just mini! Create an assortment of mini pom poms (1″ trim guide) and tassels, then string them onto a long strand of medium or thick yarn using a plastic yarn needle, following instructions here.

Wrap your mini garland around a wrapped gift for a beautiful, reusable touch!

And there you have two simple but oh-so-special ways to add pom-tastic flair to your gifts this holiday season and for celebrations year round!

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