DIY Pom Pom Earrings (using a FORK!)

Pom pom earrings are one of our MOST requested DIYs — and for good reason! They’re a fun and relatively easy DIY project, plus a very stylish way to put those poms to good use! Not to mention they’re super lightweight and fun to rock, especially in the warmer months!

You can make pom pom earrings with any size pom pom you please using our how to make pom poms tutorial. However, in this post, I’ll be showing you how to make mini pom poms using a FORK (yes, as in a fork that you eat with!), then how to turn pom poms of any size into two trendy earring styles: Hoops and Drops.

Check out this video, which teaches all three skills, then scroll through for easy-to-reference step-by-step photos!




Wrap yarn around fork until you have a fat little bundle. If you’re using Omegacryl, that’s 60 total revolutions for a .75″ trim guide.

Wrap string or embroidery floss around the center of your yarn bundle, feeding the string through the center fork tines. Tie a single surgeon’s knot, then remove the yarn bundle BEFORE pulling the knot tightly and securing it with a single knot. See the video above to see this process in action.

Cut off the excess string, then trim open the loops on the perimeter of your mini pom. Use trim guide to trim your pom down to size. Don’t forget to fluff out your pom and use the trim guide a second time to trim off any oblong parts. See video to watch this process in action.

Aren’t these the sweetest little poms you ever did see?! In addition to earrings, you can use these mini poms for other types of jewelry such as on necklaces and bracelets! You can also attach them to the corners of fabric napkins, turn them into cupcake toppers or drink stirrers, or make a mini pom pom garland!




Use your pliers to straighten out the bend on your wire hoop earrings. This will make it easy to glide on your pom pom(s).

Slide your pom pom onto your wire hoop, entering the pom pom through the center of the embroidery floss as if the pom pom were a bead. You can identify the best entry point by spreading apart the pom pom fibers to expose the embroidery floss, then entering the pom pom perpendicular to the embroidery floss through the center of the pom pom. See video to watch this process in action.

Use your pliers to turn the end of the wire back upwards, and your earrings are ready to go!




If using flat head pins, use your wire cutters to remove the head of your pins.

Turn a loop on both sides of each pin using round nose pliers. Do so by gripping the very end of your wire with your pliers and, holding the wire steady with your non-dominant hand, turn the pliers forward 180 degrees in one smooth motion. You may have to adjust your loop upright a bit.

When repeating on the other side, try to hold your wire so the second loop faces up the same way as the first. See video for a closer look at how to turn your wire.

Add an earring hook to one end of each pin.

Add pom pom to other end of each pin. Do this by sliding a jump ring underneath the embroidery floss inside your pom, then add the end of your pin loop before closing up the jump ring. See video for a closer look at this process in action.

And there you have it! Two simple and stylish ways to make pom pom earrings to wear, gift, and maybe even sell!

Happy poming!!!

Peace, love & neon,

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