DIY Pumpkin Pom Poms

Happy October, friends!!!!! Fall and the spooky season are in full swing, which means bring on allll the cozy crafts! We couldn’t believe that we didn’t already have a pumpkin pom pom (ahem — POMkin!) tutorial for you guys, so we have fixed that problem and created a sweet pomkin tutorial for you, perfect for stringing into garlands for your Halloween home!

Making pumpkin pom poms is easy, especially if you’re already familiar with how to make regular pom poms! This tutorial uses our favorite pom pom tool by Loome and our favorite pom pom yarn, Omegacryl, both available in the TNTP Shop!


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Choosing your yarn colors for your pumpkin poms is half the fun! Here are the Omegacryl colors we used in this tutorial, listed left-to-right by row:

Row 1 – Coral, Light Salmon | Row 2 – Burnt Orange, Terracotta, Orange | Row 3 – Mandarin, Mustard

You’ll also need Flag Green or Olive Green for the pumpkin stems!

To make your pumpkin pom pom, choose two colors of yarn: one for your pumpkin, and one for its stem. On the wide side of your standard sized Loome tool, wrap 200 revolutions of pumpkin color (if using Omegacryl) or until you get a chunky yarn bundle. Next to your pumpkin color, wrap 8 revolutions of stem color (if using Omegacryl) or just a small hint of green.

For tips on how to wrap your yarn around your Loome tool, check out our How to Make Pom Poms tutorial!

Next, tie your yarn bundle with into a pom pom “pancake” with embroidery floss or another strong string using the recommended steps in our How to Make Pom Poms tutorial.

Trim open the perimeter of your pom pom cutting only the pumpkin color yarn. Leave the stem color yarn unsnipped.

Now, trim your pom pom using a 2” trim guide or cardboard circle. As you trim, do not cut the stem yarn — continue leaving it untouched! Be sure to trim your pom pom with a trim guide then turn it 90 degrees, flatten out and trim again to achieve a perfectly round pom. You can find step-by-step tips for how to trim your pom pom using a trim guide in our How to Make Pom Poms tutorial.

At this point your pom should be nice and round with a little stem loop popping out the top! To get more of a pumpkin shape with your pom, trim across the bottom of your pom pom to flatten it out. Trim little-by-little until you’re happy with how it looks, and round up the sides from the bottom as well to keep your pomkin looking neat!

Clean up the top surface of your pomkin as well by trimming across the top of the pom pom yarn and around the perimeter of the stem, being careful to not snip the stem yarn itself. If the stem has any super long strings sticking out, you can trim them down to the same height as the stem loops.

And there you have a sweet little pomkin! Repeat this process to make a whole bunch of pomkins, then use a yarn needle and twine to string up a festive fall garland! The loops of the pomkin stem make these cuties super easy to string.

Be sure to check out our other Fall and Halloween crafts for a colorful and pom-tastic autumn season!

Questions? Drop them in the comments below! And share your pomkin creations on Instagram by tagging us @theneonteaparty – we can’t wait to see!!

Peace, love & neon,

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