DIY Friendship Bracelet Napkin Rings

Add some extra DIYed love to your Thanksgiving table this year! In this tutorial, learn the classic chevron friendship bracelet pattern to create napkin ring-sized friendship bracelets to adorn your holiday table for years to come. 

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Setting up your string for friendship bracelets
  • String length for napkin rings
  • Chevron friendship bracelet pattern
  • How to finish your friendship bracelets with knots and braids

NOTE: If you would like to make a quicker version of these napkin rings (since you’re presumably making a bunch of them!), you can start your top knot further down, add fewer chevron rows, and braid your ends to be longer than what’s instructed in this tutorial! As long as the friendship bracelet pattern curves over the top of your napkin, you’re in good shape!


  • Omegacryl or embroidery floss (Omegacryl colors pictured: Mandarin*, Coral*, Neon Yellow*, Burgundy, Light Peach, & Camel)
  • Tape measure* or ruler
  • Washi* or other tape
  • Scissors*
  • Safety pin*

*Item is included in our Friendship Bracelet DIY Kit!


1. Choose 6 colors of Omegacryl or embroidery floss. (In this tutorial we’re using Omegacryl colors: Mandarin, Coral, Neon Yellow, Burgundy, Light Peach, & Camel!) Cut 4 strands of each color 34”. If you’re using Omegacryl, that 4 3-ply strands of each color. You’ll treat each 3-ply grouping as 1 unit.

TIP: You can match up the ends of each color you’re using, then measure and cut them all at once to save time! Repeat until you have enough string.

2. Once all your strands are cut, match them up and tie them together with one big knot 4.5” down. Next, tape or pin down the top of your bracelet to stabilize it for knotting!

3. Group your strings into pairs of two of the same color – you should have 2 sets of 2 for each color. Lay out your string groupings in the following pattern: A B C D E F F E D C B A. In other words, your color pattern on the left should mirror your color pattern on the right. The order in which you lay out your strings will be the order in which your V-shaped stripes appear, starting with the color on the outside.

4. Now it’s time to start your Chevron Pattern! Head here for instruction on how to make chevron pattern friendship bracelets. You’ll knot 5 full sets of each color pattern, or 30 total rows.

 Your first chevron row might be a little wonky. That’s normal, as the strings are all getting set into place! Keep going and you’ll see your Vs start to take shape by the second row!

5. When you’ve completed your 5 sets of chevron, tie a knot below the rows.

6. Braid a 2.5 inch braid on both ends & knot below each braid to secure it. Each strand of the braid should be about the same thickness. You can mix string colors or group two colors per braid section to make it easy!

7. When tying a knot at the end of a braid with very little string left, you can loop your knot around the braid to get the knot going, then gently pull down to below the braid and tighten to secure.

8. Snip ends to clean up the fringe if you’d like, or leave it shaggy!

9. Repeat to make as many napkin rings as you need & enjoy adding this fun and festive touch to your holiday table!

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Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, friends!!

Peace, love & neon,

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