DIY Beaded Mask Chains

If we have to wear masks, we might as well look cute doing it, right?! Learn how to make 2020’s most popular accessory’s most popular accessory: mask chains!

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a beaded mask chain using the items in our Mask Chain Bundle, including TNTP Bead Blends — our new curated mix of our favorite beads, guaranteed to make your eyeballs happy!


*Item included in our Beaded Mask Chain Bundle!


1. Cut elastic or string 34”. Place a piece of tape at the end of your string and fold it in half so that the sticky sides touch. This tape flag will catch your beads as you string. Set aside.

2. Plan your pattern! The total length of your beaded strand should be about 27-28” for an adult, and slightly smaller for a child.

3. String your beads on until you’ve reached your desired length!

TIP: Look out for shapes and letters! Periodically as you bead, hold the mask chain up to make sure you’re happy with the direction in which your beads are strung!

4. Tie a lobster clasp onto each end and secure each one with a triple knot. When you add your second clasp, make sure to hold your beaded chain up with all the beads hanging down to avoid accidental extra slack on your string. Do this over a table or tray in case you drop your chain!

5. Add a small dot of jewelry cement to the front and back of each knot. The glue comes out quickly so act fast and have a smooth towel or plastic bag to wipe the tip clean before you replace the cap.

6. Snip off the extra string coming from the knots and cover the knots with your crimp covers using jewelry pliers. To secure each crimp cover, slide it around the knot then gently pinch the C-shaped cover with your pliers until it closes. Turn the crimp cover 90 degrees, place it back into your pliers with the open part touching the inner surface of the pliers, and give another gentle pinch to close up the small gap.

7. Clip your mask chain on your mask and rock your awesome new accessory! Repeat steps 1-6 to make more chains for your loved ones, too!

A simple DIY with some professional tricks mixed in — pretty much our favorite kind of craft to share!

We hope you have a blast beading up mask chains and cannot wait to see what you create! Be sure to tag us @theneonteaparty on Instagram so we can see your beaded creations!

Happy crafting, friends!

Peace, love & neon,

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