DIY Easter Egg Pom Poms

Introducing: TNTP Craft Contributors!

We are so, so excited to invite you, the incredible crafters from our CommuniTEA, to contribute your project ideas to the TNTP Blog! In this tutorial for DIY Easter Egg Pom Poms, we’re introducing the amazing Sarah Freeman of Apricot Polkadot — fiber crafter extraordinaire and fellow color enthusiast!

Sarah has a super sweet pom pom tutorial for you today, just in time for Easter! Take it away, Sarah!

Hi Everyone! I’m Sarah from Apricot Polkadot, and I’m super excited to share a cute Easter project with you today! I love crafting, especially with yarn and other fibers, and I love to share my crafting journey at my website, and on my YouTube channel, Apricot Polkadot. There you will find crafting tutorials with lots of color, yarn, cross-stitch, and always pom poms! Feel free to follow me on Instagram @apricotpolkadot to stay up to date with my latest projects!

After a long winter, I am always ready to pull out my spring decorations and make my house more cheery for the warmer weather! With Easter on the horizon, I wanted to create new decor for my home that added a bit of color, while also adding an Easter-themed touch.

Since pom poms are my go-to for decorating around my house, I created these colorful Easter egg pom poms to dress up my home! These pom poms involve a little bit of shaping (like this TNTP heart pom pom tutorial), but are not much more difficult than making a round pom pom. Much like dyeing Easter eggs, this fluffy version can be customized in your favorite spring colors to brighten up your holiday!

Let’s get started!

DIY Easter Egg Pom Poms


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How to Make Easter Egg Pom Poms

Step 1: Begin your DIY Easter Egg Pom Poms by wrapping yarn around the larger side of the Loome tool or cardboard cut into a U shape. If using Omegacryl yarn, wrap 180 rotations (3 strands total) or 90 rotations if you are using both the inside and outside strings (6 strands total). I used the colors Baby Yellow, Mexican Pink, Light Salmon, and Mint for this pom pom.

Note from TNTP: You can find all our patterned pom pom tutorials here!

Fluffy Egg Pom PomsMarch 2022 Edit:

Use the same steps outlined in this tutorial with the following changes:

  • Step 1: Wrap an XL Loome Tool 330 times
  • Step 5: Your egg template should measure ~2.5in tall & ~2in wide

Secure your Pom Pom

Step 2: Using white embroidery floss, tie your yarn down the center, but don’t knot yet. Pull tightly enough so that the yarn won’t unravel, but loose enough so that it can be removed from the Loome tool. (You can find a tutorial HERE on TNTP with all the specifics for making a perfect pom pom with this tool!)

Step 3: Remove your yarn bundle from the Loome and tighten as much as possible. Make sure it is very tight or your pom pom can fall apart! Secure with a double knot. Trim embroidery floss, if desired (this can be done later as well) leaving about .5” tails.

Step 4: Cut through all of the loops on your yarn bundle. Make sure to cut through them all, as some like to hide on the inside. You will end up with a flat pom pom.

Step 5: Set your cut pom pom aside. Using an egg template, trace an egg shape onto a piece of cardboard, and cut out your cardboard egg. The paper template can be used alone if desired, but the cardboard will make the trimming a bit easier. 

Trimming Your Egg

Step 6: Keeping your pom pom in its flat form with the embroidery floss running vertically on top, look for a natural egg shape within the yarn. The yarn bundle will naturally be a little narrower at the top and bottom. Place your template over the yarn making sure that yarn is poking out around the entire outside of the template.

Step 7: Get a dish to collect your trimmings, and begin trimming around your egg template. Trim all the way around the yarn making an egg shape. Make sure to trim carefully because once the yarn is cut, it can’t go back! It’s better to leave a little extra yarn around your template rather than cutting too close around it. Your pom pom will be smaller if you cut too much. 

Step 8: Now we will fluff up our pom pom and trim around the template again. I like to press the template down on one of the sides that was not trimmed before (a side without the embroidery floss showing) to try to get it pretty even from all sides. 

The Final Step!

Step 9: It’s time to clean up your egg! Fluff your pom pom by rolling it around in your hands, and trim any stray pieces of yarn. Make sure to move it all around to get it even while maintaining the egg shape. Now you have a sweet Easter egg pom pom!

How to Make an Easter Egg Pom Pom Garland

Stringing The Eggs Together

To string your eggs onto a garland, find your center embroidery floss. This side with the floss facing forward will be the front or back of your egg. String your plastic needle with your worsted weight yarn. Hold the egg so that the embroidery floss in the center of the egg is vertical, and insert your needle into the top third of the egg, but through the loop made by the floss. The floss will hold your yarn in place. Positioning the yarn in the upper third will help keep the egg upright on your garland.

Holding your egg carefully, pull the yarn through. Fluff the front of your egg so that the embroidery floss is not visible, and continue stringing the remaining eggs.

Now you can make a whole dozen of these eggs for your Easter festivities! In addition to stringing the eggs on a garland, these make an adorable Easter basket filler for your home decor.

You could even use these for your egg hunt! Make your eggs in all sorts of patterns and designs by playing around with your yarn. Layer colors, add speckles and stripes, or wrap several colors together to make the most unique eggs! As an added bonus, these eggs won’t go bad and won’t crack, so you can use them year after year!

Favorito Egg Pom Poms 4

The only thing better than a real egg is a pom pom one!

Thanks for crafting with me today! For more colorful inspiration, make sure to follow me on Instagram @apricotpolkadot or on my website

Peace, love & neon,

Questions or comments? Leave them in the comments below! We would love to see your finished Easter creations! Tag us in your photos @theneonteaparty and @apricotpolkadot!

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