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Pumpkin-flavored snacks are popping up on store shelves and back to school is in full swing, which can only mean one thing — fall is JUST AROUND the corner!! We’re so ready to dive into all of the cozy crafts and DIYs this season has to bring. Whether they’re strung into a garland, added to a pom pom wreath, or placed in a bowl as table decor, apple pom poms are the perfect project to decorate your home or classroom (and they make great teacher gifts)!

Making apple pom poms is easy, especially if you’re already familiar with how to make regular pom poms. We’ll start with a regular pom pom as the base, and then with some shaping and a few key details, it’ll transform into a fluffly apple right before your eyes!


You’ll need

*Item is included in our Pom Pom and Tassel Starter Kit

Making Pom Pom Apples

Start by making all of your solid pom poms. You’ll need one pom pom per apple. You can make the pom poms (aka apples) as large or as small as you like, or even mix up the sizes! In this tutorial we’re working with 2″ pom poms, so you’ll want 180 revolutions of yarn on your Loome Tool.

New to making pom poms? Find our complete step-by-step guide and video tutorial here.

Apple Pom Pom Pancakes

Pro Tip: If you’re making lots of pom poms for a project, start by making all of your pom pom ‘pancakes’ (steps 1-4) at once! This makes the process go a lot faster.

Apple Pom Pom Trim

To shape your apple pom poms, you’ll start by trimming using a 2″ trim guide just as you would a normal pom pom (steps 7-8).


Shaping the Apple Pom Pom

To shape the pom pom into an apple, you’re going to trim the top half into a modest heart shape, and then slightly flatten the bottom.

Shaping the top: Gently massage the center of the pom pom to find your center string — using your thumbnail almost as though your plucking a guitar string can help with this! To achieve the slight heart shape, trim the yarn shortest near the center string, then carefully use your scissors to round out the two ‘halves’ (the left and right sides of the center string). Go slow, trimming little by little until you’re happy with how it looks.

Important: In order to string your apples into a garland and have all of the apple stems be on top, be sure to trim the ‘heart’ shape where the lowest point is parallel with the center string.

To shape the bottom, trim straight across the bottom of your pom pom (opposite side of the ‘heart’ shape) to flatten it out. Trim little by little until you’re happy with how it looks.


Let’s add the stem!

Cut a single strand (three threads) of Omegacryl in your desired stem color approximately 12 inches long, then fold it in half.

Thread the strand onto your yarn needle. Find your pom pom’s center string again, and thread the stem yarn under the center string at the top of your apple, at the center of the heart shape you just trimmed.

Pull your needle until the center string of the pom pom is in the middle of your stem yarn – you should have approximately ~3 inches of yarn (six threads) on each side.


Cut off your needle, and lay your apple on it’s side.

Now you have 12 threads of Omegacryl (six on each side). Separate the threads into 3 sections of 4 threads. Braid the three sections together until your braid is ~1.5 inches long. Add a small knot at the top of your braid, then trim the excess.

Repeat this process until all of your apples have stems.

Apple Pom Poms Stems

Let’s take a moment for a round of apple-lause! Look at your vibrant bunch!!

You can stop here, but to take your apple pom poms over the edge of “OMG! SO CUTE!!”, let’s add a highlight.


Adding an Apple Highlight

Start by cutting two strands of Omegacryl (six threads) an arm’s length long.
Arm’s length = hold the end of your yarn in one hand, completely extend your arm pulling the other end of the yarn to your shoulder, and cut.

Fold the yarn in half once, then in half again. You should have a total of four “layers” of yarn.

Thread your yarn needle with the folded yarn. It’s easier to thread by working with the folded corner. If you’re having trouble threading your needle, try using a handy needle threader!

Pull the yarn through your needle until your needle is in the middle, and your yarn tails are even on each side.


Stitch it in!

Next you’re going to choose where you want the ‘highlight’ of your apple to be. Keep in mind that a highlight naturally occurs at the widest part of an object, so for an apple that’s usually near the top.

Gently push your needle through your apple pom pom at your desired spot, being mindful that the needle is exiting your pom pom at the mirrored spot on the other side of the apple. This will ensure that no matter how your apple pom pom is strung on the garland, or sitting on your table, that the highlight will be in the right spot!


Carefully trim the highlight yarn to match the shape of your apple.

Repeat the highlight process for all of your apples.

Apple Pom Pom Done

TAH DAHH!! We love these apple pom poms to our CORE!!

You can apply these same techniques for a myriad of designs — oranges, pomegranates, pears — the options are truly endless!

Apple Pom Pom Lifestyle

Apple Pom Pom Lifestyle 2

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Peace, love & neon! ✌️


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