DIY Bumble Bee Pom Poms


Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is just around the corner, which means DIY Bumble Bee Pom Poms are a MUST DO!

There are many significant traditions used to usher in the new year including blowing a horn called a shofar, eating round challah bread, tasting new fruits, and gathering for festive meals with family and friends. But the sweetest tradition of them all, in our opinion, is eating apples dipped in honey, ensuring a sweet year to come!

In the spirit of Rosh Hashanah, today we’re showing you how to make Bee Pom Poms, which you can string into a garland along with Apple Pom Poms for a festive Rosh Hashanah garland you can display year after year!

Alright, let’s BEE-gin!


DIY Bee Pom Pom Supplies


*Item is included in our Pom Pom and Tassel Starter Kit

DIY Bee Pom Pom Step 1

Bumble Bee Pom Pom Head

Each bee is made up of two pom poms — one for the head, and one for the body. You can make the bees as large or as small as you like, or even mix up the sizes or colors! In this tutorial, we’re working with 2″ pom poms for the bee body, and 1.25″ pom poms for the bee head.

Start by making your solid pom poms for the bee heads. We’re making 1.25″ pom poms, which is 100 revolutions of yarn on the smaller side your Loome Tool.

New to making pom poms? Find our complete step-by-step guide and video tutorial here

DIY Bee Pom Pom First Stripe

Bumble Bee Pom Pom Body – DIY Striped Pom Pom

To get the striped bee body, you’re going to layer the yarn on your Loome Tool, alternating colors.
Because the goal for this design is uniform stripes, be sure to use the same amount of revolutions for each stripe.

In this tutorial we’re working with 2″ pom poms for the body, so you’ll want a total of 180 revolutions, divided evenly for each stripe.

The first and last stripes will be half the revolutions of the other stripes, so that when you cut the loops of the yarn open, those two layers will be touching, thus making one complete stripe.

4 complete stripes, at 36 revolutions each + 2 “half” stripes, at 18 revolutions each = 180 revolutions

Start by wrapping your first “half” stripe (18 revolutions) in an even layer across the larger side of your Loome Tool. Cut the yarn close to the edge of your tool.

DIY Bee Pom Pom Step 3

Wrap 4 ‘complete’ stripes in even layers (36 revolutions each), alternating colors. Try not to let the edge of each layer overlap too much, otherwise the fibers will mix when cut and you’ll get more of a sprinkle pom pom effect.

Wrap one more “half” stripe (18 revolutions) for your last layer.

DIY Bee Pom Pom Step 4

When you’re done with all 180 revolutions, your Loome Tool should look something like this, with distinct layers.

DIY Bee Pom Pom Trimming

Tie and trim your pom pom with a 2″ trim guide. Look at those stripes!!!

DIY Bee Pom Pom Garland

If making a garland, string your pom poms on worsted or bulky weight yarn using a yarn needle, alternating head, body, head, body, etc.

Once all of your poms are strung, gently push the head and body poms together.

DIY Bee Pom Pom Attach

Bumble Bee Pom Pom Decor

If using the bees as table or party decor, you’ll need to tie them together with embroidery floss using the pom poms’ center strings.

To find the center string, gently massage the center of the pom pom. Using your thumbnail almost as though your plucking a guitar string can help with this!

With a yarn needle, carefully thread the embroidery floss under both pom poms’ center strings. Tie a knot, pulling the two pom poms together until they’re snug (but not so snug that the head sinks into the body)! Add another knot to secure.

DIY Bee Pom Poms

Could these fuzzy poms BEE any cuter?!

DIY Rosh Hashanah Garland

DIY Apple and Bee Pom Poms

Questions? Drop them in the comments below!

We’ve pollen in love with these bee and apple pom poms, and can’t wait to see how you get creative with this design!! Be sure to share your creations on Instagram by tagging us @theneonteaparty!

Peace, love & neon! ✌️
Dorothy (with Rosh Hashanah commentary from Marisa!)

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