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DIY Cempasúchil Pom Pom Garland


This tutorial was originally written for Artelexia — a vibrant retail shop and event space that specializes in Mexican gifts, art, home décor, and gourmet foods, and more! 

It’s nearing the end of October, and that means I only have one holiday on my mind (and it’s not the one you think) — it’s Día de Muertos! There is no holiday I love crafting for more than Día de Muertos as there are so many awesome, colorful projects you can make to help celebrate the occasion. Artelexia and I knew we had to create something that fuses our favorite craft with one of our favorite holidays, which is how we came up with the idea for a Cempasúchil Pom Pom Garland!

Cempasúchil (marigolds) are native to Mexico and are commonly used to decorate ofrendas (altars) for Día de Muertos. In keeping with Aztec tradition, some families also create paths of aromatic cempasúchil petals from their homes to their ofrendas to guide the spirits with the scent of the flowers.

This non-perishable iteration of the season’s ubiquitous orange garlands can be used to decorate your home, ofrenda, or Día de Muertos themed fiesta this year and for years to come!




*Item is included in our Pom Pom & Tassel Starter Kit



For this project, you’ll want to make twenty seven 2.25″ pom poms — 24 orange pom poms, and 3 yellow pom poms.

To make 2.25″ poms, wrap your yarn 210 revolutions (105 revolutions if using both tails of your yarn) on the wide side of your Loome tool.


Cut and trim your pom pom using a 2.25″ trim guide.

New to making Pom Poms? Follow our complete tutorial here to learn how to properly wrap, tie, and trim your pom pom.


Repeat until you have 24 orange poms and 3 yellow poms!



Secure tail of pink yarn in a notch on the wide side of the Loome tool. Wrap yarn around Loome 40 revolutions.

Secure yarn in the same notch as the beginning tail and cut yarn close to the Loome.

Take a new piece of yarn and push it through the space in the center of your yarn.


Bring the yarn to the top surface of your Loome, opposite the side with the cut tails. Tie a single knot (like the first step of tying your shoes) then gently remove yarn from Loome. Tighten knot and secure with a second knot.

Trim both strands of tied yarn to be even.


Cut open all of the bottom loops of your tassel.


Open up your tassel and rotate the top strings 180 degree so that the knot is now on the underside of your tassel.


Wrap a new piece of yarn slightly below the top of your tassel 3-4 times. Pull on the yarn as you go to compress and create the tassel’s head.


Secure wraps with a double knot and let the excess yarn hang down with the rest of your tassel. Trim tassel so that the bottom is even.


Repeat once more to create a second matching tassel!



Thread your 6’ strand of worsted or bulky weight yarn onto your yarn needle. Push your needle under the top loop of your tassel and tie the two ends of the yarn together in a tight double knot close to the tassel.

Trim off excess yarn tail and string 4-5 small wooden beads.


Add your first orange pom pom to your garland by pushing the yarn needle through the enter of the pom.

Add two large wooden beads, followed by another orange pom pom, followed by two wooden beads, and so on.

Add a yellow pom pom after every six orange pom poms.


Once all 27 pom poms and wooden spacer beads have been added, string on 4-5 wooden beads and your second tassel to match the other end of your garland.

Secure the second tassel to the end of your garland with a double knot close to the tassel, and trim off excess yarn.


And there you have a gorgeous, reusable Cempasúchil Pom Pom Garland for all your Día de Muertos festivities!! Feel free to get creative and change up the length, add different accent color poms poms, add more beads — whatever suits you!


Photo by Artelexia

DIY Mexican Marigold Garland

Photo by Artelexia

If you make this project, be sure to share and tag @artelexia and @theneonteaparty so we can see what you’re crafting!

Peace, love & neon,
Marisa & Artelexia

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