DIY Holiday Bulb Pom Poms

DIY Holiday Bulb Pom Poms

We know what you’re thinking — “Are these holiday light pom poms real, or just a filament of my imagination?!”

No matter your holiday traditions, this time of year is synonymous with gorgeous twinkle lights, and we just had to stitch up our own!
We’ve fa-la-la-llen in love with these merry and bright DIYed lights, and can’t stop thinking of different ways to use them — pom pom earrings, gift toppers, DIY Christmas tree ornaments — the options and color combinations are truly endless!!

Watt are you waiting for?! Let’s wrap up some lights!


Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Supplies

You’ll need

*For a limited time, get these colors at a discount in our Holiday Lights Yarn Bundle!

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Make Pom Poms

Start by making all of the pom poms. You’ll need two pom poms per light — one for the bulb and one for the base. You can make the bulbs as large or as small as you like, or even mix up the sizes! In this tutorial we’re working with 2″ pom poms for the bulbs, and 1.25″ pom poms for the base.

New to making pom poms? Find our complete step-by-step guide and video tutorial here.

Pro Tip: If you’re making lots of pom poms for a project, start by making all of your pom pom ‘pancakes’ (steps 1-4) at once! This makes the process go a lot faster.

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Trim Pom Poms

To shape your pom poms, you’ll start by trimming your bulb poms using a 2″ trim guide, and your base poms using a 1.25″ trim guide, just as you would a normal pom pom (steps 7-8).

Holiday Bulb Pom Pom Template

The next thing we’re going to do is trim the bulb pom poms into a teardrop shape, using the above visual as a reference!

Gently massage the center of a pom pom to find the center string — using your thumbnail almost as though your plucking a guitar string can help with this!

When trimming, be sure to keep the center string of the pom pom in line with the top ‘point’ of the bulb. This will ensure that when it’s time to attach the base pom pom, that the point of the bulb will be in the right direction.

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Trim Bulb Shape

Carefully use your scissors to trim the shape little by little, rotating the pom, and continuing to trim until you’ve made your way around the entire bulb.

Repeat this trimming process for all of your bulb pom poms.

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Base Shape Template

Now let’s trim the base, using the above visual as a reference!

Just as you did for the bulb, be sure that you’re trimming the sides of the base pom pom parallel with the center string.

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Trim Base Shape

First, use your scissors to carefully straighten the sides of the pom pom, parallel to the center string. Rotate the pom, and continue to trim until you’ve made your way around the base. When you’re done the pom pom should resemble a barrel shape.

Next, trim the ‘bottom’ of the base (one of the still rounded sides) flat. You don’t need to trim the ‘top’ of the base, as this side will be hidden when attached to the bulb pom.

Continue this trimming process until all of your base poms are shaped.

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Attach

Once all of your poms are shaped, it’s time to attach the bulbs to the bases!

Thread your yarn needle with 8-10 inches of Omegacryl in the same color as your base pom poms.
Carefully thread the needle under the center string, at the top of your base pom (the side you did not trim), and pull through leaving a 3-4 inch tail.

Then, carefully thread your yarn needle under the center string at the bottom of the bulb pom pom (on the opposite side of the bulb point). Pull through.

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Attach 2

Push the two pom poms together until they touch, and the base pom pom is nestled nicely into the bottom of the bulb pom pom. Secure with a double knot close to the base pom pom. Trim excess.

Repeat until all of your bulbs are attached!

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Bulb Highlight
: Follow the steps in our DIY Apple Pom Pom tutorial to add some highlights to your Holiday Bulb pom poms and bring them to life!

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Add Bulbs to Garland

Turn your holiday bulb pom poms into a string of lights by threading a strand of braided Omegacryl or worsted weight yarn through the base of each light!

Holiday Bulb Pom Poms - Lifestyle 2

Stumped on a holiday color palette? We have curated holiday-themed yarn bundles perfect for crafting up your own string of lights!

Be sure to share your festive creations on Instagram by tagging us @theneonteaparty. We’re de-lighted to see what you make!

Peace, love & neon! ✌️


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