DIY Valentine’s Day Tie Dye Heart Pajamas

Tie Dye Heart Pajamas

Valentine’s Day is just 10 days away & what better way to get in the spirit than with the cutest heart tie dye pajamas! Whether you’re planning a Galentine’s Day night in with your ladies or want to rock some festive PJs alongside your heart-shaped pancakes, these sweet & stylish DIY pajama set is just what you need. ❤️

Valentine's Day Tie Dye Kit


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For your pajama top, you’ll want to tie dye a symmetrical heart in the center of your chest. Follow along with these steps (shown below on a short sleeve t-shirt) with your own pajama top of any sleeve length!

Fold shirt in half and draw a half of a heart along the center crease using a washable marker or fabric pencil. If using a washable marker, dampen your shirt before drawing on it. If using a fabric pencil, draw on dry fabric and dampen your shirt after you’ve rubber-banded over the drawn line.

Carefully accordion fold along the drawn line, making sure to keep the line straight as you line up the folds. Take extra care when folding along the curve of the heart, making small folds as needed.

Add your first rubber band around the accordion folded line, tieing so that the rubberband is snug but not too crazy tight. You want your dye to be able to seep in between the folds to get a solid heart.

Next, band up the rest of your shirt! If you want rings of color around your heart, keep those accordion folds pulled out straight and rubber band more sections to create boundaries for additional colors. If you want to scrunch the rest of your fabric, lay it out as flat as possible then gently scrunch the fabric towards the center of the area. Use a few rubber bands to hold your scrunches in place.

Apply dye to each section with care! The tip of your fabric where you drew the outline of the half-heart is what is going to turn into the center heart. Add dye in your desired heart color, making sure to get the dye in between the folds, front and back. Give this dyed area a gentle massage to ensure the dye seeps to the backside of the fabric as well, especially if you’re dyeing something with two sides like a t-shirt or tote bag.

To the “bullseye banded” area, add your desired colors to each section, keeping in mind that the colors will bleed slightly into one another, so choose your colors accordingly!

To the “scrunching” section, add your color of choice, leaving some white spots to mimic the white spots that will appear in between the folds of the fabric.

Flip the shirt over and dye the back side as well, matching the color placement on the front.

To make your matching pajama bottoms, simply scrunch & dye them to match the scrunched portion of your top.

Carefully place dyed items in a plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap, trying to avoid dye spots getting on the wrong color sections. Let sit for 6-24 hours!

Once both items are done soaking, follow our rinsing, washing & tie dye care instructions here!

Tie Dye Heart Pajamas


Could these heart tie dye pajamas be any cuter for Valentine’s Day?! Truly not!

If you have any crafting questions, drop them below! If you try out this tutorial, be sure to tag us @theneonteaparty on Instagram so we can see!

Happy tie dyeing, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Peace, LOVE & neon,


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