Meet Favorito! The Best Colorful Craft Yarn

Favorito Best Worsted Acrylic Yarn - Hilos Omega - The Neon Tea Party

This week, The Neon Tea Party introduced a new colorful craft yarn to our shop: Favorito! After years of crafting pretty much exclusively with Omegacryl yarn, we wanted to add an acrylic worsted weight yarn to our list of go-to craft supplies for crafts like crochet, dense pom poms & tassels, weaving, and other fiber crafts that benefit from a light-medium weight yarn.

So for the last year-plus, our team combed the yarn world in search of the best colorful acrylic yarn to rival our extensive Omegacryl assortment. Our research overwhelmingly kept pointing us back to one yarn: Favorito!!

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Favorito Acrylic Yarn - Hilos Omega - The Neon Tea Party - The Whole Rainbow


Favorito is an acrylic light worsted weight / DK yarn produced by Hilos Omega, the same manufacturer as our beloved Omegacryl! Hilos Omega is based in Mexico and creates yarn in the best vibrant color assortment that we’ve seen out there. Boasting a similar rainbow of colors, soft texture, high quality, and affordable price (just $3/skein!), we see Favorito as Omegacryl’s twisted sister!

Favorito Best Worsted Acrylic Yarn - Hilos Omega - The Neon Tea Party

Here are the stats on Favorito yarn:

  • Yarn weight: Light Worsted, DK
  • Texture: 2-ply twist
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Length: 137 yards
  • Made in: Mexico
  • Colors available in the TNTP Shop: 44
  • Recommended crochet hook size: 2.75-5.5mm
  • Recommended knitting needle size: 4

Additionally, we love Favorito yarn for its twisted ply, which results in an elevated look for your projects. Even better: Favorito is a yarn that doesn’t split while you crochet or craft, the way that many other worsted weight yarns do. A win all around!

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Favorito Yarn Crochet Granny Squares & Rainbow Stripes


Crochet projects are often known for being colorful, pattern-ful, and just plain fun! With that in mind, we think Favorito is the best yarn for crochet, especially for projects with granny squares, granny stripes, and anything vintage- and retro-inspired. Our latest obsession is crocheting multiple colors at the same time for a unique blended look on any crochet item!

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The Neon Tea Party’s Crochet Kits now feature 4-6 skeins of Favorito in three stunning color palettes: Neon, Jewel & Vintage. If you already have a crochet hook handy, you can also find an ever-changing assortment of Favorito yarn bundles in stunning color combos, designed to work together to create harmonious palettes we know you’ll adore.

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While Omegacryl pom poms and tassels will always have our hearts, sometimes a project calls for dense pom poms and tassels. Enter: Favorito yarn!

Dense pom poms have that more traditional spherical pom pom look that we adore. Further, patterned poms poms really shine with Favorito yarn, so we highly encourage mixing and blocking yarn colors.

When it comes to tassels, Favorito lends itself to a more classic yarn tassel look. We recommend using Favorito yarn tassels to top gifts, string up a garland, or punctuate a crochet or knitting project.

If you’re interested in making pom poms and tassels with Favorito yarn, you can find revolution counts for making pom poms and tassels with Favorito yarn in our Online Craft Studio.

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Omegacryl + Favorito Yarns - Best Mexican Acrylic Yarn

If you craft with us here at The Neon Tea Party, there’s a good chance that you’ve made something with Omegacryl yarn. Omegacryl is a fine, fingering weight yarn comprised of three separate plies that you work as one. Omegacryl is so thin that it works as both a yarn (for crafts like pom poms, tassels, crochet and knitting) and as thread (for crafts like embroidery, crossstitch, and friendship bracelets).

Favorito + Omegacryl Yarn Strand Comparison - Hilos Omega

Let’s compare Favorito and Omegacryl yarn. They are both acrylic, manufactured by Hilos Omega, and come in a vibrant rainbow of colors. However, where they differ is in their weight and texture. Which yarn you choose to work with really depends on your project!

When to use Omgeacryl yarn: For projects where you want a fine texture, shaggy fluff, or a totally unique look. We love Omegacryl yarn when crafting pom poms, tassels, embroidery, friendship bracelets, and occasionally crochet.

When to use Favorito yarn: For projects you want to work up to be sturdy yet soft. Because Favorito is the best colorful craft yarn, we love it for crochet, dense pom poms, knitting, and weaving.


When it comes to colors, Favorito and Omegacryl come in some of the same colors but also many different colors. Here are the colors that are close or exactly the same color in Favorito and Omegacryl:

Favorito vs Omegacryl Yarn Colors - Hilos Omega

  • Guida (F) / Raspberry (O)
  • Palo de Rosa (F) / Rose (O)
  • Carne (F) / Light Peach (O)
  • Amarillo Fluorescente (F) / Neon Yellow (O)
  • Verde Olivo (F) / Light Olive Green (O)
  • Verde Bandera (F) / Flag Green (O)

Favorito vs Omegacryl Yarn Colors - Hilos Omega

  • Jade (F) / Jade (O)
  • Turquesa Oscuro (F) / Turquoise (O)
  • Rey (F) / Royal Blue (O)
  • Marino (F) / Navy Blue (O)
  • Morado (F) / Bishop Purple (O)
  • Bugumbilia (F) / Purple (O)
  • Lila (F) / Lilac (O)

Favorito vs Omegacryl Yarn Colors - Hilos Omega

  • Gris (F) / Grey (O)
  • Café Tabaco (F) / Mocha (O)
  • Café (F) / Dark Brown (O)
  • Negro (F) / Black (O)
  • Blanco (F) / White (O)
  • Blanco Antiguo (F) / Snow White (O)


Favorito Best Worsted Acrylic Yarn - Hilos Omega - The Neon Tea Party

We are so excited about all the crafting possibilities with Favorito, the best colorful craft yarn! What would you make with Favorito? Share in the comments below!

You can shop Favorito yarn here in the TNTP Shop!

Peace, love & neon,


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