DIY Smiley Face Pom Poms

How to Make Smiley Face Pom Poms

From beading to crochet, our smiley face obsession runs deep, so it was only a matter of time before DIY smiley face pom poms entered the chat!

The uses for these smiley face pom poms are truly unlimited — pom pom garlands, pom pom keychains, pom pom earrings, pom pom cake toppers, the list goes on! No matter where you put them, they’re sure to bring such a big smile to your face that looking at your pom poms will be like looking in a mirror. 😊 Say cheese!

DIY Smiley Face Pom Poms

How To Make a Smiley Face Pom Pom Supplies


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New to making pom poms? Find our step-by-step guide and video tutorials here.

Got the basics down and ready to make some smileys? Find our complete video tutorial on how to make smiley face pom poms below!

DIY Smiley Face Pom Poms Video Tutorial

Tips for Wrapping Your Pom Pom

How To Make a Smiley Face Pom Pom - Yarn on Tool

As shown in the video, do your best to keep the yarn wraps for the eyes and smile of your smiley face pom pom as neat as possible. this will ensure that the yarn color you’re using for the face doesn’t break up the details.

Here’s a quick reference guide for the revolution numbers when making a 1.75″ pom pom:
Color 1 = Face color, Color 2 = Eye + Mouth color

  • Center bundle: 10 revolutions
  • Covering the surface between the eyes: 6-8 revolutions
  • The smile: 10-12 revolutions
  • The eyes: 5 revolutions
  • Wrapping the outside: 180 revolutions

If you’re making a smaller or larger smiley face pom pom, you’ll want to increase or decrease the revolution counts accordingly!

Tips for Trimming Your Smiley Face Pom Pom

How To Make a Smiley Face Pom Pom - Trimming

When cutting open your pom pom, you should see the smiley face start to take shape, but if you don’t that’s okay! It may take a bit of trimming before you see it.

As displayed in the video tutorial, if you find that you’ve wrapped too much yarn for the eyes or mouth, you can gently pull the extraneous strands out of your pom pom to thin those details out!

The carefully placed strands of yarn for the eyes and mouth may shift around throughout the trimming process – this is totally normal! Once you’re done trimming, simply use your yarn needle to shift the strands back into place.

How to Make a Smiley Face Pom Pom

Found yourself in a tangle? Need some help turning that frown upside down? Drop your questions in the comments below!

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