DIY Granny Square Jacket Patch

“Wow! I love the back of your jacket!!”
“Thanks, I made it!”
“WHAT?! That’s impossible. It’s incredible.”
“I know, right? I’m kind of amazing.”

Prepare yourself, because this is the conversation you’re going to have over and over again after making your own granny square jacket patch (maybeeeee exaggerated a little).

This granny square project has been in our craft queue for literal months, and after seeing the colors of our new CommuniTEA Faves Yarn Bundle come together, we knew it was finally time.

The best part about this project? It only requires a few granny squares! If you’re new to crocheting, this is a great first granny square project. If you’re not new to crocheting, you can finally use that stack of squares sitting at the bottom of your closet from that other project you didn’t finish (yea, we see you)! Either way, it’s a win/win.

So grab your yarn (or dust off those old squares 😉), and join our granny gang. 💪


How to Make a Granny Square Jacket Patch


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How to Make a Granny Square Jacket Patch

The main ingredient in any granny square project is, you guessed it, granny squares!

New to making granny squares? Find our step-by-step guide for making traditional granny squares here.

The number of squares needed will be dependent on the area you’re covering, but a 3×3 panel of squares (9 squares total) is a great place to start. Then, once you’ve made all of your squares, you can lay them on your garment and make more as needed.

Finish each of your squares with a sc border in the corresponding join color.

Pro Tip: Block your squares before joining to ensure that they’re all the exact same size! This will make the joining process so much easier.

How to Make a Granny Square Jacket Patch

Join your squares with a sc join or your preferred join method.

Note: Crocheting a sc border does form a ridge, so make sure the “right” sides of your squares are facing as you join if you want the ridge to form on the underside (as pictured here) OR “wrong” sides together if you want a visible ridge!

Single Crochet Border

Optional: Once all of your squares are joined, add a sc border around your entire panel for a finished edge.

How to Make a Granny Square Back Patch

Once all of your squares are joined, lay your back panel on the garment in your desired location.

Pro Tip: Use safety pins to hold the panel in place! This will keep it from shifting around while you’re stitching.

Single Crochet Border

Thread an embroidery needle with ~24″ of yarn in your corresponding border/join color. This is where a needle threader will come in handy!

Tie a knot at the end of your string. Check out our knot tying hack here (it’s worth the click, we promise)!

Push your needle up from the inside to the outside of the jacket starting at one of the panel corners.

Granny Square Jacket Patch Stitch Guide

Using a backstitch or running stitch, sew around the entire perimeter of the panel. We recommend adding a few anchor stitches along each of the join lines to ensure that the panel doesn’t pucker away from your garment as you move.

Pro Tip: If you’re comfortable using a sewing machine, you can save some time by machine sewing the panel on! Just be sure to use a needle appropriate for sewing through denim – 90(14) or 100(16), depending on the thickness of your fabric – if you’re working with a jean jacket.

Single Crochet Border

The best part about working with Favorito yarn for your granny square jacket patch is that it can be washed with your regular laundry and won’t shrink! Just be sure to air dry or dry on low for a short period of time, as acrylic yarn can melt in high heat.

How to Make a Granny Square Jacket Patch

And just like that you’re ready to hit the town in a garment that screams “Crafting is Cool.” 😎

Be sure to tag us @theneonteaparty in any of your granny projects! We can’t wait to see you rockin’ your new custom jackets!!

Peace, love, and neon

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