DIY Fabric Beaded Bracelets

DIY Fabric Beaded Bracelets 7

Temps are finally warming up, which can only mean one thing — summer bracelet stacks are upon us!!! You know we love a good summer stack around here, and this year we’re kicking it up a notch with these DIY fabric beaded bracelets, crafted up with the ultimate mix of beads from our Bead Blend pony bead jars.

Bright, eye-catching, and oh so easy (less than 10 minutes to make!!), fabric beaded bracelets are a great way to add some glam to the classic pony beads we all know and love. These DIY accessories would be gorgeous paired with embellished friendship bracelets or these adjustable beaded bracelets!


DIY Fabric Beaded Bracelets Supplies



Fabric Beaded Bracelet - Attach Needle

For a knotted beaded bracelet – the simplest style – start by threading a fabric strip through the eye of your yarn needle.

Fabric Beaded Bracelets - Center Bead

This design starts by adding the center bead first.
Thread your center bead onto the yarn needle, and pull it to the middle of your fabric strip.

Fabric Beaded Bracelets - Add Beads

Add 3-5 more beads to one side of your fabric strip. Remove your yarn needle, and thread it to the other end of your fabric strip. Add the same number of beads to the other side.

Knotted Beaded Bracelet - Tie Knot

Secure each end of your beads with a knot, and you’re done!

Fabric Beaded Bracelet Pattern Option

For added texture, add knots between each bead as you go!

Fabric Beaded Bracelet - Clasp Options

You can opt to leave your fabric strips as is and simply tie the bracelet on, but you know we couldn’t stop there! Adding finishing touches to the ends or even a clasp is an easy way to level up this simple project.

Fabric Beaded Bracelet - Tie Detail

If you prefer the knotted look, add an accent bead or two to the ends of your fabric, and secure with a knot.

Fabric Beaded Bracelet Clasp Closure

To add a clasp, start by threading a large jump ring onto one end of your fabric strip, and securing it with a knot.

On the other end, gently roll the fabric strip, and pull through the loop on the end of your lobster clasp. You can also attach a large jump ring to the end of the clasp to make a larger hole for the fabric. Wrap the fabric around your wrist to find your perfect length, then secure the clasp with a knot. Trim the fabric tails to your desired length.


Braided Beaded Bracelets Jump Ring

To make a fabric braided beaded bracelet (say that five times fast), start by attaching a jump ring to three fabric strips using the same method described above, then knot.

Braided Beaded Bracelet - Attach Needle

Begin braiding the three fabric strips until you’re ready to add your first bead. Thread a yarn needle onto one strip of fabric.

Braided Beaded Bracelet - Add Beads

String your first bead on the braid. With the yarn needle still attached, continue braiding and adding beads until you reach your desired length. Secure the braid with a knot.

Braided Beaded Bracelet - Clasp

Attach a clasp by gently rolling one strand of fabric and pulling through the loop on the clasp. Secure by knotting with one of the other fabric strands. Trim the fabric tails.

Fabric Beaded Bracelet - Front and Back

DIY Fabric Beaded Bracelets 2

DIY Fabric Beaded Bracelets 3

Okay, officially off to make these for everyone I know — can’t stop, won’t stop.

Be sure to tag us on Instagram @theneonteaparty so we can see your new summer stacks!

Peace, love & neon ✌️

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