How to Throw a Beading Party!

Want to learn how to throw a rad beading party for your friends and family? We’ve got you covered.

After years of hosting bead parties and workshops, we’re sharing all of our expert tips and bead party ideas to help you pull off the most epic (and smooth!) beading party possible! (Hint: Our Beading Party Box has everything you need!!)

In this post we’ll walk you through:

  • Supply list
  • Setup recommendations + tips for beading with kids
  • Project inspo & crafty reccos
  • Tips for easy clean-up
  • PLUS fun party ideas to take your bead-tastic celebration to the next level!

Let’s dive in!


Bead Party Box - The Neon Tea Party


Below is a list of supplies we recommend for hosting your own beading party. Want to make things really easy for yourself: You can get nearly all of the recommended supplies in our Beading Party Box! Everything included in our expertly curated (& super freakin’ adorable!) Party Box is starred in the list below. You can also find more of (almost) everything included in your box, if needed, in the TNTP Shop.

*Indicates item is included in our Beading Party Box!


After hosting numerous beading parties over the years, here are some of our top set-up tips to help you run a fun and smooth beading party:

Bead Party Place Setting

Set a place for each guest:

  • We recommend that each guest has their own place setting for crafting. You can even make place cards that have their names glued on in letter beads, or put a name bracelet at their spot to indicate their seat.
  • Put a bead board, tray or plate at each spot – this is what your guests will use to corral their beads and plan their designs!
  • Make sure whatever your guests use for this purpose has sides so the beads don’t roll away.
  • If you want to ensure that each guest is allotted the same number of specialty beads (pearls, peace signs, gold spacers, etc), you can portion out these beads and put them on each guest’s tray or in their own small container such as a cupcake liner. Same goes for project findings such as the sunglasses connectors, keychains, and cellphone charm loops.

Set out communal supplies in the center of the table:

  • Pour beads into small bowls – multiple bowls per style, if needed. Make sure each type of bead / bead mix is within arm’s reach of each guest so that they can easily choose their beads.
  • Pre-cut string to the length(s) needed for your party’s project(s). Pre-flag each strand with washi tape, as in the photo above. You can even label the washi tape flags with the intended project for that length of string (i.e. bracelets, necklaces, etc)
  • If your guests are old enough to tie their creations and cut off excess string, place a few scissors out on the table for them to use as needed.
  • Frame with Beading Tips or Print Outs with Beading Tips


Beading with Kids

Crafting with young kiddos always presents a few extra challenges. Here are some tips we’ve picked up along the way:

  • Please ensure that all kids are age-appropriate for this project. Small beads, like the ones in our Beading Party Kit, are choking hazards. The recommended age for our kit is 3+.
  • Pre-portion out beads for each kiddo, ensuring everyone has the same beads.
  • Pre-cut and flag string for their projects, so all they have to do is start stringing on the beads.
  • Adult or big kid helpers should be on standby to tie each child’s creations. You can let them know before they start beading to raise their hand to indicate they’re ready for help tying.


Pony Bead Project Ideas

  1. Use our Project Guides! Our Beading Party Box comes with numerous detailed project guides, including Basic Stretch Jewelry, Keychains, Sunglasses Chains, Cellphone Wristlets, and Mask Chain. You can consult it and share it with your party guests for maximum inspiration!
  2. More project inspo! Find more bead project inspiration here on the TNTP Blog! 
  3. Make some samples! It’s always helpful to have a few example projects pre-made as inspiration for your guests.
  4. Teach your guests or learn together! When it comes to following along with our project guides, you can take two different approaches:
    1. Teach your guests: If you’re an experienced beader (or want to become one in time for your party!) you can guide your guests through the beading process, while all referencing our project guides for further tips and project instructions.
    2. Everyone (yourself included!) learn together: Our project guides are designed to instruct you and your guests through the accessory-making process from beginning to end. By reading through the instructions and helping each other out, your group can easily learn and create together at the same time!


Beading Bar Setup

Beading is a very clean craft….except in the case of a spill! Follow these tips to keep your party tidy and make clean-up a breeze!

  • Don’t overfill or move the bowls. Instead of filling bowls to the brim, fill them halfway and refill as needed throughout the party. Encourage crafters to reach into the bowls for their beads rather than pulling the bowls of beads towards them.
  • Craft on top of the table. Inevitably, someone will pick up their string of beads from the incorrect end and all the beads will fall to the floor (it happens to the best of us). To avoid this, make sure crafters are creating on top of the table. PRO TIP: Give each crafter a plastic plate or bowl to craft over to catch their beads, and have any young crafters supervised by a parent or staff member.
  • Have ample space around the crafting table. One bump on the table and your beads could scatter everywhere. Make sure there’s plenty of room to walk around the table.
    Pick up fallen beads as you go. If any beads fall to the floor, make sure you pick them up throughout the party rather than hunting for them later.


Friendship Bracelet Stacks

Here are some of our favorite ways to add bead-tastic flair to your Beading Craft Party:


  • Beaded Garlands
  • Bead-Inspired Balloon Arch
  • Bead-Embellished Crowns
  • Bead-Embellished Party Hats
  • Bead-Embellished Cake Toppers
  • Placecards with Letter Beads
  • Beaded Curtain Photo Backdrop


  • Sprinkle Surprise Cake
  • Sprinkle-Covered Cake Pops
  • Candy Necklaces & Jewelry
  • DIY Edible Jewelry Bar
  • Colorful Cereal Bar Buffet (Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, Trix, etc!)
  • Trix or Lucky Charms Rice Cripsy Treats


  • Send guests home with extra beads in a take-home bag or jar, along with elastic string and washi tape! You can personalize each goody bag by providing letter beads in the guests’ name. Find more supplies here!
  • DIY a personalized beaded goody such as a keychain or bracelet with guest’s name on it
  • Gift your guests with a zippered jewelry travel pouch
  • Hang your guest’s name from the goody bag in letter beads!


Find more Bead Party inspo & links on our Bead Party Pinterest board!

You are now armed and ready to host an epic Beading Party!! Should you need any additional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at! Be sure to post your party photos on Instagram and tag us @theneonteaparty! We can’t wait to see what you and your crew create!

Peace, love & neon,
The Neon Tea Party ✌️

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