10 Easy Pony Bead Projects

Easy Pony Bead Projects

As much as we love an over-the-top project (looking at you, Granny Square Cardigan), it’s hard to beat a DIY that can be finished in literal minutes. Enter, pony beads. Pony beads are a classic summer craft supply and for good reason! They’re low effort, high reward, incredibly versatile, and are AWESOME for parties.

We’ve rounded up ten of our favorite pony bead projects for your next slumber party, crafternoon with friends, or when you just need to scratch that DIY itch.

Pony Bead Shoes

#1 – Add beads to your shoelaces!

Dress up your everyday kicks by adding a handful of beads to your shoelaces! Bonus points if you coordinate them with your outfit.

Unsolicited parenting tip: If you have a little one that has no interest in wearing shoes, adding some beads in their favorite colors just may change their mind (not speaking from experience here or anything 😉😬).

Pony Bead Projects - Sweatshirt Strings

#2 – Add beads to your hoodie strings!

Add a wink of color to your favorite hoodie or drawstring sweatpants by adding some beads to the ends of the strings! If you have trouble stringing on the beads, try wrapping the frayed end with some washi tape first (as pictured). Be sure to secure the beads with a knot!

Pony Bead Projects - Cellphone Wristlet

#3 – Make a DIY cellphone wrist strap!

Using a cellphone charm loop, a bit of string, and your favorite pony beads, you can DIY your very own cellphone wrist strap. Here’s how:

DIY Cellphone Wrist Strap

  • Cut a length of string 3″ longer than your desired final length
  • Fold the string in half, and attach it to the charm loop ring with a lark’s head knot
  • Add beads to each side
  • Secure both ends together with a double knot, and weave the string ends through 5-6 beads
  • Trim excess

PRO TIP: Customize this project by adding letter beads!

Pony Bead Projects - Sunglasses Flair

#4 – Add some flair to your sunglasses!

How incredible are these sunglasses DIYed by CommuniTEA Member Haley of The Edamame Shop.
Armed with a handful of your favorite beads and a hot glue gun, you can customize an incredible pair of sunglasses for yourself or as a gift!

Pony Bead Projects - Sunglasses Chain

#5 – Make a sunglasses chain!

After DIYing those sunglasses, you’re obviously going to want a sunglasses chain to match! You can craft up this project by following the same steps outlined here, but swap the large lobster clasps for Sunglasses Connectors. 😎 Lookin’ good.

Pony Bead Projects - Fabric Beaded Bracelets

#6 – Knot up some fabric beaded bracelets!

Level up the classic pony bead bracelet by using fabric strips instead of string! Find the complete tutorial here.

Pony Bead Projects - Simple Keychain

#7 – String up some simple beaded keychains!

Beaded keychains are the perfect project for mixing up classic pony beads with specialty beads for that signature playful yet polished look that we LOVE. Deceptively addicting, this simple project takes less than 5 minutes to make and looks so good with the right bead blend. Here’s how:

DIY Beaded Keychain

  • Cut a length of string 3″ longer than your desired final length
  • Fold the string in half, and attach it to the base of a keychain clip with a lark’s head knot
  • Add beads to both strings
  • Secure with a knot, and trim excess string

Pony Bead Projects - Beaded Pom Pom Wall Hanging

#8 – Make a Beaded Pom Pom Wall Hanging!

Poms poms, beads, AND home decor?! Sign us up.
Although this project will take more time than the other DIYs on this list, higher effort = higher reward.
Bonus: it’s an awesome weekend project to do with kids.

Find the complete tutorial here.

Pony Bead Project DIY Beaded Cardigan

#9 – DIY a Beaded Cardigan (or, as we like to call it, Party Cardi)!

Did we mention higher effort = higher reward? Because that’s certainly true for the party cardi! Jazz up an old sweater, or even a beanie by sewing on some beads in your favorite colors and shapes with our bead embroidery kit!

Learn the steps to make your own beaded cardigan or beanie here.

Pony Bead Projects - Mask Chain

#10 – Make a beaded mask chain!

Masks are still very much a reality for a lot of folks, so why not dress it up with a DIY mask chain!
PRO TIP: Mask chains make great gifts for teachers and students alike! Use letter beads to customize it!

Grab all of the supplies, and learn how to make your own mask chain here.

Bead Party Stretch Jewelry

When it comes to pony beads, the options really are limitless – they’re not just for keychain lizards anymore!

Have a question about one of the projects mentioned here, or have an idea that needs to be added to the list? Drop it in the comments below!

Be sure to tag us in all of your bead projects on Instagram @theneonteaparty! We can’t wait to see your bedazzled summer ‘fits!

Peace, love & neon ✌️

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