How to Customize Blank Zip Pouches

DIY Dyeable Pouches

Organizing your project supplies? Put it in a pouch.
Packing for a trip? Put it in a pouch.
Assembling a small gift? Put it in a pouch.
Gathering small mess-free activities to keep your 3-year-old entertained at dinner? Put. It. In. A. Pouch.

Small pouches are just one of those things that you truly cannot have too many of. I feel like I’m constantly reaching for them! So to say I’m obsessed with our new dyeable blank zippered pouches is honestly the understatement of the year. They’re the perfect size and weight for holding everything you need without feeling too bulky.  Today we’re going to walk you through our favorite ways to customize blank zip pouches.


TNTP Embroidery Templates


These blank pouches are just waiting to be dressed up with some colorful stitches, and with Sticky Fabri-Solvy the options really are infinite! You can use one of our pre-printed embroidery templates or create one of your own. Then simply stick and stitch! (P.S. Get all these supplies in one go with our Embroidered Pouch Bundle!)

Pro Tip: Use embroidery to personalize a pouch for your next gift, then fill it with trinkets and treats for the giftee! They’re great for teacher gifts, bridal party gifts, or even a tiny survival kit for a new mom. ❤️

How to Customize Blank Zip Pouches

Tie Dye

Made of 100% cotton white canvas, these blank zippered pouches are perfect for tie dyeing or ice dying! Dying with multiple colors is our usual go-to, but these pouches are small enough that just one color looks so chic (especially with a pom tassel keychain)!

Here’s how we dyed our pouches:

Additional details on how we made our keychains below!

Bead Embroidered Ice Dye Zip Pouch

Add Some Beads

With a needle and some Omegacryl, use our tutorial to add some beads to your pouch! This technique will work with any kind of beads you like, just be sure to use the right size needle.

If you’re adding pony beads, use an embroidery needle.
If you’re adding seed beads or small novelty beads, use a beading needle.
Or take the guesswork out of your supplies and grab our Bead Embroidery DIY Kit!

Dyeable Pouch Keychains

DIY Keychains

As true believers of the “more is more” mentality, we obviously love a flair moment. A DIY keychain can transform even a completely blank pouch if dyeing or embroidery just isn’t for you.

Learn how to make our favorite pom tassel keychains here. Learn how to whip up a 5 minute (literally!!) beaded keychain here.

How to embroider Zip Pouch

Is there a way to DIY blank zip pouches that we missed? Drop it in the comments below!

Be sure to tag us @theneonteaparty — we’re dying to see what you make!!

Peace, love & neon,

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