DIY Halloween Tie Dye Pajamas

Halloween Pajamas

Happy spooky season, y’all!! It may still be early September, but our pumpkins are OUT. 🎃 Anyone else?! Are you team, “Halloween starts on September 1st,” or are you able to hold out until October? If you’re reading this post, you already know what team we’re on. 😜

We’re kicking off this spooky season with what is already becoming our cozy uniform for the next two months – DIY Halloween Tie Dye Pajamas!! By making a few changes to two traditional tie dye techniques, you can make your own PJs for your next scary movie marathon. We also love rocking the pajama top as an every day shirt (don’t worry, we won’t tell everyone you’re wearing pajamas to get groceries if you won’t)!

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Halloween Pajama Supplies


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How to make a “Spiderweb” Tie Dye ShirtHalloween Pajamas - Bullseye Shirt

Halloween Pajamas - Bullseye Shirt - Steps 1&2

To create the “spiderweb” effect for the tie dye pajama shirt, follow our tutorial for the bullseye pattern with a few key changes:

  • Rather than banding each section to be the same size, start with a smaller section (the center of the bullseye), then slowly increase the distance between the rubber bands. This will trick the eye a bit and give the tie dye pattern more of a web effect!
  • Rather than changing colors for each section, use a single color! We recommend using black dye, but purple would also be super cute!!

Bonus points: Embroider a small spider on the shirt for some extra spook!!

How to make a Horizontal Striped Tie Dye Pants

Halloween Pajamas - Striped Pants

Halloween Pajamas - Striped Pants - Folding Steps

To create tie dye striped pants —

After dampening your item, fold it in half horizontally, matching up the sides. Accordion fold them (over, under, over, under). When you’re done folding, you should have a long and skinny bundle.
You can opt to band the pants in small sections just like this, or fold it in half at the “knees,” (pictured, bottom center) lining up the hem of the cuffs with the waistband of the pants. Then band in small sections.

Halloween Pajamas - Striped Pants - Dyed

Add dye to each section. Be sure to flip the item over and add dye to the back, as well as use your (gloved!) fingers to check the insides of each section and add dye to any remaining white areas.

Halloween Tie Dye - Wash and Care

Halloween Tie Dye Pajamas Wash and Care

When you’ve finished dyeing, place each item in a separate ziplock bag to keep the item moist while the dye sets. Keep the item in the bag for 24 hours to absorb the dye. Note: If using a different dye than shown in this tutorial, follow the length of time indicated on your dye instructions.

Once your dye has set, throw those gloves back on, and head over to a sink or tub. Remove all rubber bands and rinse each item under warm water, rinsing out excess dye until the water runs nearly clear.

Set your washing machine load to normal, water to warm, and add a small amount of detergent. Dry on low. We recommend washing and drying tie dyed items solo for the first few washes to avoid any color transfer.

Find our complete tie dye wash & care instructions here.

Tie Dye Holiday Pajamas

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Be sure to tag us on IG @theneonteaparty! We can’t wait to see your spooky DIY looks!

✌️, ❤️, & 🎃
– Dorothy

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