3 DIY Ghost Tassel Projects to try this Fall

How to Make Ghost Tassels
Today we’re bringing a few unexpected twists to the classic tassel for 3 DIY Ghost Tassel projects to try this Fall. Whether you’re looking to make something to hang up, wear, or decorate your home the almighty tassel is here to save the day.

Tassels already look a bit like ghosts, so we couldn’t resist sharing a few project ideas on how to bring those ghosts to life! If you know how to make a tassel, you’re only one step away from having some DIY spook on your hands.

Let’s get into the spirit 👻, shall we?!


Ghost Tassel Garland

A dolled-up version of our ghost tassel garland from years past, this garland features our new dyable wooden beads in both 3/4″ and 1/2.”

Dying Wood Beads - Diptych

To start, dye your wooden beads following the steps outlined here. Meanwhile, make several white tassels (the total number will depend on the desired length of your garland).

To make the 5 ft. garland shown here you’ll need:

Once your wooden beads have fully dried and your tassels are made, simply thread them all onto a length of worsted weight yarn or a strong string, and you’re done!


DIY Ghost Tassel Earrings

With one small addition (👀), you can turn DIY tassel earrings into a spooky accessory you’ll wear year after year!

To add eyes to your tassel, carefully cut open small googly eyes, and remove the black googly part (is that the technical term?). Adhere them to the head of your tassel using G-S Hypo Cement. That’s it! 

DIY Halloween Earrings

Note: Hot glue will also work to attach the dots, but you may want to use a toothpick to add the glue, as you’re working with a very small surface area!


DIY Ghost Tassels - Outdoor

One of the major benefits of working with acrylic yarn is that it can stand up to rain or shine, making it the perfect medium for DIYing some outdoor Halloween decor! These extra large tassels come together following the exact steps as our traditional tassels – just bigger.

I made these mega tassels using our Monster Mash Yarn Bundle. Each 12″ tassel used ~80% of a full skein of yarn, so if you’re planning to make multiple ghosts in a single color, plan accordingly!

Long Ghost Tassels - Step 1

Start by cutting a piece of sturdy cardboard to the desired length of your tassels. Make sure it’s wide enough that you’re able to wrap your yarn without the strands slipping off the sides. The cardboard used here measures 6″ x 12″ for a 12-inch tassel.

Optional: Cut a small notch on one of the short sides of your cardboard to tuck your starting and ending yarn tails.

Long Ghost Tassels - Triptych

Wrap your yarn around the template until you have a fairly thick bundle. For a 12″ tassel I wrapped Favorito, a DK weight yarn, 150 times.

Long Ghost Tassels - Steps

Complete your mega tassel just as you would a tradional sized tassel (following steps 2-6 here).

Long Ghost Tassels - Ends

“To trim or not to trim, that is the question.”

We typically advise trimming tassels to create a nice even bottom, but in this case we recommend leaving the bottom of your tassel shaggy for a spookier look!

Three DIY Ghost Tassel Projects

Optional: Give your ghost tassels a little personality by adding a few googly eyes with hot glue!

Outdoor Ghost Tassel Decor

Now they’re ready to be tied to a tree, a doorknob, a garland, or even a gift bag!
I tied these ghost tassels along a wooded walking trail that goes through our neighborhood and have already had several people reach out to share how much their kids love seeing them hidden in the trees as they walk by. ❤️ If that’s not Halloween magic, I don’t know what is!

Which of these 3 DIY Ghost Tassel Projects are you going to try this fall? Let us know in the comments below.

Ghost ahead and make our day by tagging us, @theneonteaparty, in all of your ghost tassel projects this year!

peace, love, and neon


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