DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garland

Wooden Bead Tassel Garland Tutorial

Looking to add an instant touch of cozy, chic fall vibes to your home this season? A wooden bead tassel garland is the answer!

This simple DIY consists of making as many yarn tassels as you’d like, then stringing them up with timeless wooden beads, which you can leave raw or dye in your choice of colors.

(You can also go the spooky route and turn your tassels into ghosts!)

In this version, we mix our two go-to acrylic yarns — Omegacryl and Favorito — for a textured tassel look that we cannot get enough of!

Omegacryl Yarn Favorito Yarn Hilos Omega

For this post, I made two of these festive garlands, one in each of our irresistible Fall Yarn Bundle colorways: Cinnamon Tea and Autumn Day.

Cinnamon Tea mixes spicy pinks and oranges with warm, earthy browns, while Autumn Day is comprised of the colors you’ll see on a sunny fall afternoon: clear blue skies and fiery leaves.

I’m personally so excited to have these juicy garlands hanging in my home, and can’t wait to bust them out year after year! (Or even leave them hanging year-round!)

Let’s get garland-ing!


Wooden Bead Tassel Garland Tutorial


Wooden Bead Tassel Garland Supplies


Our two favorite yarns for making tassels and pom poms are Favorito, a DK-weight acrylic twist yarn, and Omegacryl, fine fingering-weight yarn comprised of three separate skinny strands. These two yarns are made by the same manufacturer in Mexico and although their color names are mostly different, many of the colors have exact or near-exact matches!

With our Fall yarn bundles, almost all of the Favorito and Omegacryl colors correspond almost exactly, so they can be blended together to create a super fun and chic monochromatic tassel texture!

(See the color names in the supply list in the previous section.)

Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassels

To start your blended Omegacryl-Favorito tassel, find both 3-strand ends of your Omegacryl and one end of your Favorito and hold all ends together as a unit. Place all of the ends in one notch on your XL Loome tool.

Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassel Steps

NOTE: You can also use/mix any yarn you like and follow these instructions! If you use a thicker yarn, simply wrap fewer times; thinner yarn, wrap more times.

Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassel Steps

Holding all the yarn strands together, wrap around your Loome tool ~30 times, then place the strands into another notch on the *same* arm. Snip the yarn.

Next, take a new strand of Favorito and thread it through the center of your yarn bundle on your Loome tool.

Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassel Steps

Shimmy the strand of Favorito to the top of your yarn bundle (opposite from the cut ends) and tie it at the top. We recommend tieing the first step of the knot while the yarn is on the tool, then gently remove the yarn from your tool, pull the top strings tight, then finish tieing your knot.

Once your yarn bundle is secure at the top, use sharp scissors to trim open the loops on the bottom of your tassel.

Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassel Steps

To hide your top string and create a loop, open up your tassel so that it looks like a mustache with the center tie perfectly exposed. Carefully rotate the top string so that the knot ends up below your tassel.

Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassel Steps

Close up your tassel once again. You’ll now have a nice clean loop at the top!

While holding your tassel in your fist with the “head” of the tassel exposed, take yet another new strand of Favorito and wrap it around the base of the “head” a few times, pulling it tight and securing it with a double knot.

Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassel Steps

Cut off the excess from the tassel tie, then trim your tassel so the bottom is even. We recommend squeezing the tassel flat and trimming straight across, then rotate tassel 90 degrees and repeat. You now have one tassel!

Follow these steps again to make as many tassels as you like. 🙂


Omegacryl Favorito Blended Yarn Tassels

Making all of the tassels is the time-consuming part. Now it’s time to string up your wooden bead tassel garland using your tassels and wood beads!

Start by choosing your garland yarn (Favorito works great for this!) and threading the end onto your yarn needle. No need to cut off the garland string just yet if you don’t want to. I recommend leaving the end attached and cutting your finished garland to length.

DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garlands

To add beads, place them onto your threaded yarn needle and push down. The garlands pictured in this post alternate between 1/2 and 3/4 round wooden beads, with the 1/2 inch beads flanking each tassel. You can obviously pattern your beads however you like!

To add your tassels, simply push the threaded needle underneath the top loop of your tassel and push the tassel onto your yarn.

DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garland

Continue adding beads and tassels until you’re thrilled with your beaded tassel garland! Then hang it or drape it wherever you please. 🙂

DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garlands

DIY Wooden Bead Tassel Garlands

Well that’s a wrap on this perfectly fall, perfectly cozy, perfectly perfect for crafting up in an afternoon fall craft project!

Drop your questions below and let us know if you try it by sharing and tagging us on Instagram @theneonteaparty!

Happy fall, friends!!!!

Peace, love & neon,

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