Mini Crochet Heart Pattern and Project Ideas

Mini Crochet Heart Pattern and Project Ideas

If it hasn’t been made clear in years past, we’re absolutely over the moon for these mini crochet hearts by Apricot Polkadot! 💕 The pattern works up quickly (only a single round!), and can be used with any yarn. Once you start making these tiny crochet hearts it really is hard to stop, which is great because the project possibilities for these little sweethearts are truly endless!

Below you’ll find the mini crochet heart pattern as well as project ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts that your recipient will adore year after year (no disposable plastic trinkets here, please)!

Mini Crochet Hearts Supplies

This pattern works with any hook size and fiber that you like, just make sure you’re using a hook size appropriate for your yarn. Below we’ve outlined the exact supplies used to make the crochet hearts shown here.

You’ll Need:

  • 3.5-5mm crochet hooks
  • Omegacryl
    • Use one yarn tail for the smallest hearts, along with a 3.5mm or 4mm crochet hook
    • Use both the inside and outside tails of the skein for the larger hearts, along with a 5mm crochet hook
    • The colors pictured are: Bougainvillea, Strong Pink, Light Pink, Coral, Lilac, and Water Blue*
  • Favorito
    • The colors pictured are: Guinda, Roja, and Carne**

*For a limited time grab all of these colors in the Candy Hearts Omegacryl Yarn Bundle
**or the Red Hots Favorito Yarn Bundle.

Mini Crochet Hearts Samples

Mini Crochet Heart Pattern

This pattern was created by Sarah of Apricot Polkadot and shared with permission. You can find her original blog post here, which includes a helpful video tutorial of the mini crochet heart pattern!

To make a mini crochet heart:

Start with a magic circle or a slip knot on your hook. *If you’re starting with the slip knot, be sure to keep the loop loose, as you’ll be working several stitches into it!

ch 2.

All of the following stitches will be worked into either the magic circle or the slip knot.

2 dc. 2 hdc. 1 dc.

You’re already at the halfway point of your heart! You’ll now repeat the same stitches, but in reverse to create the other half.

2 hdc. 2 dc. ch 2.

Sl st into the magic circle or slip knot, and fasten off. Pull the magic circle or slip knot closed. Weave in the ends.

New to crocheting? You can find tutorials for all of the stitches mentioned in our online craft studio.

Mini Crochet Heart Project Ideas

Mini Crochet Heart Pin

Crochet Heart Pin

Embroider a loved one’s initial, or leave the heart as is! Use hot glue to secure the heart to a bar pin, and you’re ready to go! This little accessory makes a great Valentine’s Day surprise for a teacher or your BFF. ❤️

Mini Crochet Heart Hairclip

Crochet Heart Hairclip

Use hot glue to secure a tiny heart or two to a snap or alligator hair clip. Although this is a great DIY accessory for Valentine’s Day, we’d venture to say this is one you can rock all year round.

Mini Crochet Heart Drop Earrings 1

Crochet Heart Drop Earrings

You know what they say – save the best for last! These crochet heart drop earrings come together so quickly, and we just can’t get enough of them! Use a pair of jewelry pliers and some jump rings to attach a single heart or a chain of hearts to a pair of huggie hoops or earring hooks. These DIY heart earrings would make an adorable Galentine’s Day gift for your best pals!

Mini Crochet Hearts Hero

Made a mini crochet heart garland? bookmark? keychain? or any of the above? We’d love to see it. 💖
Be sure to tag @theneonteaparty and @apricotpolkadot on Instagram so we can celebrate you!

Peace, L❤️VE & neon,

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